an ordinary man NO.2


Same life as before.

I have some troubles at work, but it’s very easy otherwise.

I wasn’t told anything by my family because I was working and felt free to live.

It is said that humans are swept away by easy people.

That is a matter of course.

it’s no use.


Everybody who is working hard and working hard says:

“I’ve never thought I could do it because I like it.”

sorry. I do not know what you mean.

I don’t really know

I’m like this because I’m such a person.

I don’t know because he is such a person.

But when I was a student, I felt like I was working positively, even though my club activities were hard.

If you look at yourself now with that in mind, it’s a bit useless.

I don’t want to admit it, but I think that’s it.

Will you suddenly change characters in this year and become a conscious human being?

No, not at all.

It’s embarrassing.

But the more I remember those days, the more I am sorry for my present.

A man who is just married, not living for someone, just for himself.

All you need is a job.

Speaking of which, I feel like I was playing on a late-night TV program.

He told me that in a documentary he worked for his company for decades, working hard for his life and work, but realized that he was abandoned and couldn’t do anything.

When I noticed it was too late.

Isn’t this a common story?

Still, when I think about it, I think that the person who worked hard for the company while he was at work remains, and I can see the next path.

What about you now?

You can use your precious time to get paid for your company.

Are you wondering there?

If you have been in the same company for 15 years, you will be given a position instead of a flat employee, and you will get a salary increase and at the same time your responsibility will increase.

And most importantly, I was most worried.

The company often says.

Express numbers for anything.

There are only numbers to convince.

I understand.

But can it be rewarding with numbers?

I think it is difficult.

This is just a question, not a complaint about the company.

I wonder if I’m such a person and I’m thinking like this.

I can’t help it.

I’m me.

to be continued.