A man named Takumi Minamino


Hello everyone.

This time about a soccer player named Minami Takumi.

Name Takumi Minamino.

Born January 16, 1995.

Currently 25 years old.

Team Liverpool FC (England Premier League)

Position FW (Currently there are more top bottoms than forwards)

Uniform number 18

Dominant foot  Right

Spike contract adidas

As everyone knows about his career, he has belonged to world champion Liverpool after working as Cerezo Osaka-Red Bull Salzburg.

It’s my personal point of view, but when he plays at Cerezo Osaka, his attitude toward the front is often strongly isolated, but when he gets addicted, the off-the-ball movement, which is unlikely to be a young player, and the judgment after receiving the ball. Basically above all, I think that the trap position when I got the ball was very good and I was able to move smoothly to the next play.

And the Salzburg era.

To be honest In a good sense. After all, in order for the Japanese to survive in overseas teams, many teams with distinctive tactical style emphasized tactics, and Minamino seemed to have lost some personality.

However, if you do not erase your individuality and follow the team’s tactics, you cannot enter the match. Instead of not being able to get out, it is possible that it is outside the bench.

No matter how big a name comes from, it’s a common occurrence overseas that it isn’t used in starters. If it’s dried up in the team, the days of watching the game on the stand will be waiting until the manager is fired.

A Japanese player participates in an overseas soccer team. It was unthinkable in the old days.

Thanks to the success of the ancestors such as Tomoyoshi Miura, Hidetoshi Nakata, Yasuhiko Okudera that surpassed that barrier, it seems that the hurdle to transfer to a Japanese overseas team has dropped, and now it is natural to sign an agent Then, instead of the players, they have come to negotiate to find a team that enhances their value.

However, there are many players who return after a single overseas transfer experience, and recently young players, including Minamino, are increasingly staying on overseas teams in order to seize the opportunity.

I myself am traveling abroad and traveling alone, but I am waiting for things that I cannot experience in Japan.

Some people take more than half a year just to make their own life rhythm and they have to pay attention to food. Living abroad as I dreamed is a very difficult experience, and my head and body always remember it.

As far as I can see, I don’t think that the current J.League players have lost their skills and tactics when they go abroad. There are many situations that I do not understand.

Some players make mistakes that make you think.

There are also athletes who engage in malicious fouls, such as martial arts, that do not seem like sports.

Still, the game continues normally.

And everybody appeals to the referee as if he / she is the correct answer. I don’t think the referee’s impression of himself will get worse.

Speaking of emotional, it is up to that point, but even if you are poor or you have a bad personality, you can score goals even if your personal life is bad.

And you just need to assist.

Goals and assists are justice.

To put it to the extreme, if the opponent’s goal net is shaken, there is only one point.

Everyone knows that.

Even if a highly skilled team overwhelms the lower team by the ball dominance rate and the number of shots, the score of the game may be lost.

I just have to win.

Even if you pull your opponent’s shirt, it won’t be foul unless the referee blows the whistle.

Recently, while VAR (Video Assistant Referee) has been adopted, we are stopping the game at key points to prevent player injustice and misjudgment of referees, but such a thing in each play I can’t.

If you rely on VAR for all the fouls in the rulebook, it will look like American football.

Soccer is not American football.

There is a 45 minute match flow.

Of course, Japanese football has not lost to overseas.

I can understand that as a Japanese.

But for some reason I watched overseas football.

You shouldn’t feel like there’s an entertainment there rather than a sport.

I’m excited.

Minamino is the top team, and although he is currently not a starting member, he occasionally appears.

I’m proud of being a Japanese person, and I feel like he’ll do something in the future.

If possible, I would like you to show me the glimmering face that stares at the players of the team as well as the demon of the Cerezo era.

It’s good to have a smart playing style and to smile, but I hope that you will get that aura that fights will start.

He set himself up at the true starting line.

This must have been selected by Minamino himself.

I believe that they can only watch, but they show me that Japanese people can do it.

Be careful of injuries.