an ordinary man NO.3


All society is bad.

He is bad.

They are bad.

I have never had such an experience.

It’s quicker to count at the bottom of my company.

I get angry often.

I am angry with my subordinate’s mistake because I am in charge of it.

But I never thought that this was what he did.

You can understand the feelings of your subordinates.

It is troublesome for a regular employee to become the responsible person because he can understand the feelings of his subordinates.

That might not be the case if you suddenly assume responsibility for a different department.

But you know. Because I was responsible for it from the same department.

They make excuses. However, I can’t hear it as an excuse and I can’t blame because I thought it was so.

The middle manager is painful.

The role of transmitting information from above or transmitting opinions from below directly to the top.

Nothing happens when you’re doing well, but it’s not accumulated if you have trouble.

“You have to make sense of it and tell it to yourself.”

I usually say so.

Yes, you don’t need a pigeon.

I agree with you.

There is still a middle management system, though we can skip what we don’t need.

About half of the employees in SMEs have some sort of post.

What that?

What do you say?

Let’s stop because it looks like bitches again.

There is one thing I want to say first, but basically I like the company.

And there is only respect for the president who is the owner.

But I want to say.

They say what they have in mind.

So, I’m going to take someone’s back.

I have lived in this repetition.

It will be thrown away soon.

I know it myself.

So I decided to do something different.

I just thought.

Because it is such a person.

it’s no use.

But I really have to think about it.

to be continued.