Golf It is a sports shank that does not go well


Hello everyone.

Do you like golf?

I like it

It’s nice to go to the golf course, but it’s fun to go.

something like that.

When I was young, I used to go to the driving range every day at the end of work and hit until 11 pm.

At that time I didn’t have any trouble.

It was rather fun.

And as soon as I save some money, I go to see a golf club.

Even during my work, I had a little bit of an air swing.

Still, the score didn’t improve.

I didn’t want anyone to teach me, and I didn’t want them to teach me.

I go to a cheap golf course on Sundays, go around 18 holes early in the morning, and then go home for lunch.

And just about that time, the television was broadcasting the moment when the tournament victory was decided.

Really just golf.

I think he was a genius in a sense that he couldn’t get any better.

A genius who can’t do well.

I think that if you change clubs, your score will increase.

No such thing.

I think that if I change the driver, I will fly farther.

No such thing.

I think that if you change the putter, you will enter as you want.

No such thing.

If the way to improve is straight, I wonder if the way I went was the opposite.

I play with my juniors who just started playing golf.

Of course I win the score.

However, one year later, the junior is definitely getting better.

I have had that kind of experience many times.

People can improve with practice.

No such thing.

Sometimes I will be at work.

People who do not grow no matter how much they do.

It just became golf.

If you have a professional look at it, it might be better.

I’ve been doing it for over 10 years, so maybe I’ll be able to improve dramatically.

I still don’t think it will work.

That’s what my golf life is like.

My personality may be a little bent.

I love seeing the shank of the people I’m traveling with.

The body is facing the front, but the ball is flying beside it.

It’s hard to see such a humorous scene.

It’s even more interesting because the person himself is serious.

My face stays calm and calls out to Don’t mind, but in my head there is a festival.

I’m sorry, but it’s true.

I’m not stupid.

The face is heading in the direction of prediction that both the person who is hitting and the person who is watching will fly in a straight line.

But where did the ball go when I hit it?

Right next to it.

Had I been a soccer defender, I would have fallen into this feint.

The moment the ball flew to the side, I would smile.

And by the time he turns to him, he has returned to a normal face.

There is no one who is so uncomfortable.

it’s no use.

I love it.

And then I laugh at myself when I realize that the ball I hit hits sideways and is clearly a shank.

I’m not fooling people, I’m licking myself.

I’m wondering if this habit can be fixed somehow.

But it won’t heal.

I like shanks.