Impressions of using Nubia red magic 3 for about 1 year


Hello everyone.

This time, I would like to send you the features, performance, and ease of use of the Nubia red magic 3 I bought last year from my point of view.

* Please understand that my subjectivity is fully included.

First of all, the reason why I bought this smartphone was because I wanted a smartphone that was different from other people. And I always look at my smartphone. This model is used for watching Youtube, using it for business, contacting customers, exchanging with friends and distributing on SNS even in private.

I had two smartphones a year ago.

I still remember that I always had a smartphone in both pockets, which made me bothersome.

I think everyone is the same, but I think that those who have two are divided into work and private.

I was the same.

At the beginning, I didn’t mind at all, but I had to prepare smartphone phones in both pockets every time I went out, so I couldn’t help but forget about either one.

After all, I was searching for something I couldn’t do with one device.

My requirement is to have two Sims

DSDV (You can connect the net with two Sims)

Large screen

Clean screen

Highest processing performance (no freezing)

I don’t care about camera performance

I don’t care about the price

When I was looking for it on the internet under these conditions, some models were listed as candidates.


SAMSUNG Galaxy S10 +

One Plus 7

iPhone Xs Max


Black shark2

Nubia red magic 3

SONY Xperia 1

Xiaomi Mi 9

Vivo iQOO 3


Google Pixel 3 XL

Lenovo Z6

Oppo FindX

I was looking for various things in this, but I removed Lenovo and Vivo because it seems that the radio waves in Japan do not match.

Also, the iPhone Xs is very attractive, but I didn’t use it because it was used by people I don’t like.

I really want to use Oppo, HUAWEI and SAMSUNG, but both sides of the screen are curved and I have them by mistake, so I accidentally tap them and it is basically hard to see.

Even with such a good display, a curved display cannot be used.

Nubia red magic 3 was the most attractive of them.

The reason is that there were few people using it.

And I investigated variously.

Although it does not pass the Japanese technique, it also matches the radio wave and the processing speed is number 1.

The camera performance is said to be quite good, but I didn’t mind that.

If the display is so big and flat, there is no problem.

There are some specs in this Nubia red magic 3.

High spec


ROM is 256GB.

Let’s do this

It is sold at Amazon and mobile phones that specialize in imports.

But I didn’t know what I could buy here, so I took a look at Nubia’s homepage.

You can buy it normally.

Although it is imported by individuals, it is cheaper than those on other import sites.

Let’s buy it here.

One thing I’m curious about is that Google Play isn’t included first, so buy it and then manually install it yourself.

And in English or Chinese.


It doesn’t make sense unless you can use Google Play.

Well, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it because you can install it yourself.

I want this smartphone and I need to install Google play later.

Enter my personal information on this site and pay with a credit card.

I bought.

It arrived after 15 days.

My mother received it, but it seems that she paid a delivery tax of about 5,000 yen.

It’s opened.

It was huge anyway.

The top and bottom of the screen size are 7 mm each.

Google Pixel 3 feels bigger.

Turn on the power for now.

The screen is beautiful.

And again, Google Play is not included.

It was installed and used by myself.

There should be no problem.

One thing I’m curious about is when I’m using LINE and when I’m not.

I tried it with various settings, but this did not fix it.

I often insert LINE for emergency calls at work, but I didn’t notice because this smartphone didn’t make a vibe or sound, and I was often upset by my boss.

So I regularly check LINE to see if there is an emergency call.

Only this is a waste.

The design is ok and there are no problems with processing performance or display.

My favorite place is DSDV.

To tell the truth, I live in the Philippines for work.

SIM1 is the SIM contracted in Japan, and SIM2 is the SIM contracted by a Philippine company.

This is really convenient.

I usually use the line of the Philippines Globe (carrier like docomo in Japan).

And when using it in Japan, if you arrive in Japan by plane and select SIM in the settings and tap SIM1 docomo, you will be connected to docomo’s LTE line in a few minutes.

If you have a phone call from the Philippines, you can of course also call.

The same is true for the opposite.

You will be connected when you are in the Philippines and receive a call from Japan.

At that time, I think the international call charge is probably, but it is connected.

If you experience this, you will not need to have two more and you will be very light.

And this Nubia red magic 3 has a battery of 5000mAh.

I’ve used it so far, and I’ve never really used the battery.

On the contrary, there is even a feeling that only this has decreased.

Maybe this is the ideal smartphone.

There is no problem even if it is used for one year.

And the problem that always exists in high-spec smartphones is the heat problem.

When I watch videos like Youtube for a long time, I have a fever.

That’s what every smartphone does.

However, it seems to be a serious problem for those who play games.

I often hear that performance deteriorates or deteriorates temporarily.

I sometimes use it for fun, but this smartphone has a fan inside.

The fan turns when you slide the red button next to it.

The sound is not that loud.

It’s almost audible when you listen and approach a fan.

It’s my ideal smartphone for now.

I’d like to try it for a while, and see the progress for a year and a half and two years.

Last but not least, this smartphone is really recommended.

If you can import from an individual or buy from someone else, I definitely recommend you to buy it.

The price was around 80,000 yen including the customs duty.