Philippines Luzon Blockade Lockdown


Hello everyone.

Luzon Island (the largest island in the Philippines with Manila) was closed in the middle of March.

It is called lockdown in the world.

This is because the coronavirus, which is still prevailing in the world, is widespread.

It is still locked down now.

About a month has passed since then.

For people like me who are stationed in the Philippines and come to work, I don’t think I can work because of the turmoil.

I think this is a big mistake.

Now the world is in a very dangerous state.

Perhaps this is one of the historical events that will be published in textbooks.

The Japanese are accustomed to disasters both in good and bad ways.

In such a case, I will give priority to work, including myself.

After all, Japanese companies in Japan are the main customers of Japanese companies.

And since the companies in Japan are still moving, I think they are living with a light feeling for this situation occurring in the Philippines and the world.

I myself was licking coronavirus a month ago.

However, I think it is a good idea to prioritize work when you have come to this point.

I am currently assigned to work as a SME.

Our company is operating with the cooperation of Filipino employees.

Of course, we have employees come to our office because we want to make sales though it is a restricted rule.

Was this correct?

I don’t understand.

I would like the staff to come from the same expatriate. How can I get them to work while observing the rules?

I tell you everything I know.

If they are operating without observing the rules, they do not know what the government, the police, and the Labor Standards Bureau will say.

Perhaps my employee may sued the company.

So if the company has a fault, it will definitely lose the trial, and a small company like us may fly.

I want to keep the delivery date.

I want to maintain the minimum sales.

To do this, we need the cooperation of Filipino staff.

I become sensitive to the information and rules that change everyday, and I have to confirm with each ministry.

If you cannot solve the problem with the staff, you must go out and risk it, but you must talk to the great Filipino to understand.

Should the Filipino staff be involved in running the company in such a situation?

I think we should temporarily shut down the company and be quiet at home.

I think the Philippine government lockdown is correct and should continue until the situation subsides.

But here you will face one serious problem.

No, I’m already facing it.


That is, do not leave the house.

What will happen if I continue this?

I’m not going to work so I can’t get a salary.

I can not eat.

Some Japanese have already been stolen or robbed.

It is not unusual for a riot to occur.

In fact there was a riot in Quezon City.

The reason seems to be the distribution problem.

Will everyone really get side by side?

Do you really get one and go home quietly?

I don’t think so.

I don’t hate Filipinos and write these things.

This is happening in reality.

You will be killed by humans before you are killed by Coronavirus.

I myself continue to run the company at the expense of Filipino staff.

If you don’t feel guilty, you’ll be lying.

But without work they can’t eat.

I think that a large company can provide financial support that satisfies them.

I can’t do a small company like me.

The only thing I can do is get the job done.

This is partly because I want to maintain sales, but I also think about employees.

I heard that 30% of Japanese expatriates have returned to Japan.

Is the correct answer.

But I still live here.

I want to regain my normal life as soon as this situation is over.

Although it is another power application, we can only wait.