an ordinary man NO.4


I have to think about something.

Until now, it has not been realized just by thinking.

There were times when I was free to change my own way while working, and sometimes when I was not.

If you can’t do it, you’ll need a regular handbook.

When it was good, I stayed in myself and only I was doing well.

I was teaching me how to do it only when asked for advice.

Don’t take it in the sense of being nasty.

It’s the way I thought and did it myself, so it’s just going to happen and I don’t know if others will do it.

I don’t intend to sell my way, and it may be annoying to others.

Because I hate that, the good and the bad have been silent.

He didn’t say if he came up with an absolutely confident way or succeeded.

The company has to make papers to prove it.

I have never used a personal computer.

I was a little tinkering in high school.

What is Excel?

What is a ward?

I didn’t even have a smartphone.

I just had to fold my two-fold mobile phone when it wasn’t.

The iPHONE, which was first released at that time, was making a noise.


Not buy?

I was asked such a question, but what is the answer?


It was a mobile phone.

I still call my smartphone a mobile phone.

I didn’t even want it.

Such a person cannot grow as a member of society.

Excel in today’s society and documents.

Even if you do not specify that the request for approval and the final report should be a word, such a thing will be sent.

I was late.

To all.

I knew that.

But I didn’t want to remember.

I was afraid that it would be such a job, not a hassle.

I was scared.

There are owners, presidents, managers and workers in the world.

I am a worker.

I thought it was good.

This is because the salaries of managers and workers were almost the same.

At least in the company where I work.

To put it the other way around, there is no overtime fee for the section manager or more, and the reverse phenomenon occurs when the worker starts overtime work.

What is that?

You lose when you get bigger.

Let’s stop it

Let’s stop getting great here.

I told my heart.

to be continued.