an ordinary man NO.5


It is time to think about something.

Business or hobby.

I was waiting for my intuition, thinking that even if I forcibly looked for it, but the time passed without anything happening.

You have to take action from yourself.

I know that.

What can’t be done?

I’m afraid of failing.

Ask people around me, “I want to do something like this.”

You have to do that.

If my friend tells me, maybe I’ll just do it.

But when I think about my failure, I don’t know what to say and I don’t know if I use gentle words and the other party gets lazy.

If I say so, the other person will think so too.

Such a thing comes to mind and cannot be put into practice or thought.

What is a dream?

This question was sometimes asked by a girl at a joint party.

The usual answer is world domination.

The answer is that you should be able to build a normal home if you can.

If you think now, I think you didn’t think about dreams.

I have always been a professional baseball player since I was a child.

But I am already 34 years old.

Becoming a civil servant, becoming a baseball player, or getting into Johnny’s is a dream.

I gave up my dream.

I think this phrase was in a song called Kid Asakusa, but I never dream.

I can’t do the lyrics.

What a pity.

I’m so depressed that I know myself.

Managers and other successful people who say they do not look back have no past to look back on.

Like a fool, he was never too young to help the police.

During the rebellion period, he was devoted to sports without disturbing anyone.

It is this that there is nothing.

What should I do.

Let’s do something so that we can take action

I think.

to be continued.