an ordinary man NO.7


I really have to think about something.

that’s what I thought.

What you do is up to you.

It might bother somebody.

But don’t be afraid of that.

Let’s go, make your own future


Can not.

I don’t have that courage.

I don’t blame anyone, but I blame myself.

It’s a man.

I really hate myself.

You have something to do, right?

I should do it.

There are some risks.

Let’s take it responsibly.

But I’m scared.

But let’s do it.

One day has passed since then.

Why don’t you do so much?

Maybe I can do it if I do it.

Let’s try it.


Let’s think about it first.

I didn’t introduce myself, but I have a woman who is dating.

What I say by myself was pretty popular.

It usually doesn’t work with the people who I like.

I didn’t accept many people who came from me.

I’m sorry I looked from above.

I just didn’t want to stay with people.

It was a little difficult.

There are people who are dating me as well.

I met each week for the time being.

I never thought of getting married.

I went to her house every week.

It takes about 50 minutes to drive the car.

It was pretty far.

I am a person who finds it difficult to do something.

But I went to her house every week.

There is one reason.

It’s a cat.

I don’t keep cats in her house, but local cats living nearby come every day.

I’m so fat that I don’t think I live outside.

This is cute again.

Really cute than her.


But I really thought so.

The best.

to be continued.