an ordinary man NO.10


I have to do something.

Such a sense of crisis has always been in my heart.

But it wasn’t done.

Because I’m a bad person.

I’ve done things a little higher than the average person.

I was thought to be a human being.

That’s not true at all.

There are many strange people in the closed space of the factory.

I thought it was unique, but I didn’t want to be with him.

Many, but not all, felt that way.

I was scared when I thought I was one of them.

I think of myself as a normal person.

From the appearance, height, weight, face, skin color, and income.

I thought it was about the middle of the world average.

There are people who live up to the top and look ridiculous when they look down.

I think it’s about the middle if you look at it.

It was good to be there.

He is not very noticeable, and his back finger is not stabbed by his appearance.

I wonder if it’s such a life.

Still good.

What I felt that I had to do something was the battle between the feeling of crisis that I should stay as it is and the feeling that I should stay as it is.

Only within me.

Until now, I didn’t do what I had in mind and ended up.

I was satisfied with that.

I want to do something because I only need to do it once.

You can fail.

There was an event that changed my mind a little.

I was watching TV at her house as usual.

It is a travel program that starts today.

The name is J’s journey.

It seems that a person from Johnny’s office will go on a journey.

I knew this person.

He is a cool person called Mr. Kitayama.

Being in a group called Kismai and spending about eight days busy every day, I traveled from India to Kolkata, the goal.

Moreover, the money I have is only 10,000 yen.

I like such mission-oriented projects.

Since it will be aired every week, I decided to have a scheduled recording.

What is your feeling now? I just like watching you.

I look forward to each week.

to be continued.