Move my heart NO.3

Move my heart

Indian voice “Who and what are you?”

I said, “Well, I want to get a visa for sightseeing by saying ◯◯, can you do it on my behalf?”

Voice of an Indian person “Please send documents and passport to ◯◯ company.”

Voice of an Indian-like person “And, please make payment by then.”

I “OK.”

There was such an exchange.

It’s hard.

I got a visa agency at the “India Visa Agency Center”

I think it was about 7,500 yen.

What was your passport?

I used to make a passport because the anti-Japanese movement suddenly started and was canceled because I said that I would go to China at a long time ago.

Is the deadline okay?

Was good. You can use it for another 3 years.

Now that we have to get a visa, let’s make a document and transfer it.

I was full of this kind of work.

I also have to buy a bag.

It’s hard to get paid so I want a small one that can be worn around my neck.

Is the clothes okay?

First of all, how about going to India for the first time alone in India?

Well, is it just this time?

Basically, my body is strong, so maybe it’s okay.

I can’t catch a cold somehow.

Around this time I had another one I wanted.


I still call it a mobile phone.

At this time, Samsung’s Galaxy S2 came out of Docomo and there was no iPHONE.

I thought my older brother had a Galaxy S and it was nice.

And two years have passed since the previous model, so I bought a replacement Galaxy S2.

It’s very good to use.

It was expensive but good at all.

With this, you can go to India comfortably.

to be continued.