Move my heart NO.4

Move my heart

Preparing for the trip.

I prepared it to some extent.

I don’t have a backpack yet.

I like the cool and big one.

There was a cool backpack called Berghouse in Yahoo auction.

The price is 20,000 yen and it is unused.

Let’s do this

Isn’t it good?

How much do you spend for this one time?


Mother seems to have thought that I was addicted to mountaineering.

One day I got a passport with a visa attached.

But I don’t have a plane ticket.

I only got on an airplane during my high school excursion.

So I didn’t know how to get an air ticket.

For the time being, I went to a famous travel agency with a TV commercial and consulted.

It costs 19 million yen for a round trip.


Moreover, the price that I said I would take care of my visa was 15,000 yen.

I thought when I saw the price of this visa.

I’m pretty good at amateurs.

I decided to take it online.

The price was completely different.

What happens to the information vulnerable?

I didn’t think they were bad at that price, but I was afraid they didn’t know.

As the tickets get hesitant, the price approaches the end of the year and becomes higher and higher.

Thinking about it now, it’s foolish, but I’ve been particular about not using direct flights or using Japanese airlines.

After all 140,000 yen.

There is no choice.

Let’s do this


From Narita Airport to Gandhi Airport in India.

The program I was looking forward to each week became the final episode.

He was somewhere refreshing.

I was envious.

When the program was over, I felt like I had a hole in my mind.

I wasn’t dependent on the show, but I felt like I lost something.

I can’t speak English as well as he.

Little by little, I started to get anxious.

I haven’t told other people yet.

What should I do?

Let’s think a little.

to be continued.