Move my heart NO.7

Move my heart

I’m going to see a cat.

I love cats.

Have respect.

Because in the outside world, he lives stronger than anyone alone.

I have to say it many times, but that paw must be supporting it.

Niji of the Pheasant.

I’ve never seen him with other cats.

I’m really alone.

I like one person

I’ve been saying it for a long time.

But I’m not really one.

I have a mother and an older brother.

Grandma is also alive.

There is a place to return.

This is not alone.

I like one person but I’m not a real one.

Most people think so.

I think it’s because I’m wondering that one person likes it.

I’m happy.

Live freely, given the minimum happiness.

It’s quite sweet.

If that is the case, I think that people living with their own family are more decent.

I am a miserable man.

It’s just giving freedom.

Marriage is not everything.

Everyone says so.

But he lives strongly against a loan that will last until he raises a child, buys a house, and dies.

I think it’s wonderful.

When everyone is drinking together, some complains come out.

It looks really difficult.

But everyone is smiling.

Because I am living as a full-fledged human being.

People living alone may have various reasons.

You will live on a variety of things.

I may be the lightest and live without any responsibility.

I don’t feel guilty there, but I’m sorry.

I want you not to be like me.

What would I think if I were married and had children?

In a sense, a child is his own alter ego.

My alter ego should never be born in this world.

Do not increase this kind of person by yourself.

It’s been true for a long time, but I still think so.

The children of other people are cute.

It makes me smile when I see it.

Do you want to hold me?

Absolutely impossible.

What do you do if you drop it?

I can’t take that responsibility.

You just have to look.

I’m such a person.

to be continued.