Move my heart NO.8

Move my heart

Go to India.

I made that decision.

The man who made no decisions and was not asked by anyone made his own decision.

I don’t think I made all decisions because there are external influences as well.

For the first time, I was interested and somehow acted.

I felt strange about this time.

I think it’s only this time so let’s do it.

When you come back, you’ll go back to your normal life.

I was feeling that way.

I have noticed one holiday.

This view that I always look at is just now.

The only thing I believe is basically what I see on the spot.

Therefore, beautiful things are called clean and dirty things are called dirty.

Some people are offended by this statement.

However, I think that my impression on the spot is the most important.

I felt even more so when I came out into society.

Isn’t it a little different? I’m quietly quiet even when I want to put in ask when going through work such as that and going to meetings and it is absolutely strange at meetings.

It’s because everyone else is another person.

I don’t want to make waves and I don’t want to have a long meeting.

I can’t help it because my boss decided.

That is often the case.

It won’t work, but I don’t know.

The exploited side is basically the person waiting.

Just like the people in poor countries who dare to give money to foreigners.

No, considering the situation, they do so.

Even though we have food, clothing, and shelter, people who are waiting for our lives are not good enough.

I am one of them.

This is the most troublesome thing.

In the world, strange cases are increasing.

I wonder what I’m dissatisfied with because I have so much food and so much food to eat.

“Why is he so light in that expensive car?”

“Why do we have to go to an esthetic salon and buy expensive cosmetics and have a simple life like this?”

There is no sharpness in comparison.

But if you do not compare, competition will not be born and will not evolve.

It seems that some sports schools do not rank.

It’s a terrible world.

The momentum is that the test scores will eventually disappear.

I think competition is necessary.

Humans have to evolve.

It may be little by little.

You have to live forward.

I’m always looking down.

That is too miserable.

A strong wind blew for a moment while taking a walk while thinking about such a thing.

The wind was so strong that my bangs were all back.

Suddenly looking at the side, the green over the rice field was shaking and the setting sun was shining in the background, illuminating me.

it was beautiful.

I took a picture with my proud smartphone.

When I took the picture, the wind had already subsided and I just took a photo of the walk course.

I was looking at the picture after I got home.

It’s been a while since I bought it, but only one photo was saved.

“I want to leave that moment.”

By the way, I go to India.

It is just a plan.

“I would like to keep a photograph of the scenery that I have seen, because I will only walk once in my life.”

I felt that way.

I never had a camera or thought.

What kind of camera do you want, I want to take beautiful pictures.

I came to think of that.

to be continued.