Move my heart NO.9

Move my heart

“Camera is important because technology is important.”

“No, I could take such a good picture because of this lens of this camera.”

Various professional photographers are discussing in the magazine.

There was a Canon compact digital camera that my brother bought long ago at home.

I tried to take it, but all the pictures on the LCD were dull.

“It’s a pretty old guy so you shouldn’t use it.”

My brother says.

Why is that.

Isn’t the camera you bought here kept here because it’s used in case of emergency?


I thought that it would be convenient because I could take as many pictures as I could if I replaced the SD card.

It’s not beautiful to me as an amateur.

Is this technology too?

Is it technical even though it is in auto mode?


It was just old.

It seems that digital cameras are evolving very quickly.

It is obvious at a glance if you compare the photos of the compact digital cameras that you had at home with the photos selected at the magazine competition.

How did you take this?

Below the photo was the camera model and lens name.

Can you take such a picture with this camera?

Those who have such doubts are those who can spend as much money as they want.

I don’t have much money.

Even airplane charges, backpack charges, and visa charges.

It was a painful expense for me.

I wonder if it’s about 30,000 yen.

I tried to find an electrician, but there were only toys.

Would it be used?

Take a look at Yahoo auction.

When I looked for it in Nikon, it said, “It’s a used one, but it’s still usable. It looks beautiful.”

NIKON D5100 KIT with lens VR 18-55

It’s second-hand, but it’s a single lens so let’s use this.

In the camera industry called Nikon, I had the feeling that I could get a cool one that was reliable and a single-lens camera, and I was awarded.

It was 28,200 yen including shipping.

The coolness that I expected when I opened it.

When you put on the lens and set it up, you are in a good position.

I thought so myself.

Only at this time did I look cool.

May I become a professional?

I can’t.

However, professional photographers are not qualified.

That means if you are recognized by the industry, you can work and take pictures to live.

What are you saying

Are you stupid?

But I thought so for a moment.

Let’s take a picture of the Indian cityscape and the scenery I have seen with this camera.

It was already decided to go to India.

I don’t know how to use it.

to be continued.