Move my heart NO.10

Move my heart

I got one weapon.

It’s an SLR camera.

“I have to practice before I go.”

I bought a 16 giga SD card at a nearby electric shop and plugged it in to take a picture.

It’s more beautiful than a smartphone.

Above all, it was more beautiful than the Condigi that was kept at home.

I was satisfied with this alone.

The mode was always auto mode.

The other modes didn’t make sense what was what.

Eventually, I will be able to study and master it.

Let’s take a lot of pictures for the time being.

I didn’t know much about memory, so I was shooting in JPEG settings.

I was able to take a great number of photos.

And you can erase the photos you don’t like.

How convenient it is!

I like it

When I came home from work, I kept holding it for a long time and then took a picture and erased it.

I shot many times because I couldn’t shoot well because it was dark outside.


“Now there is no choice but to shoot in quantity rather than quality.”

I was telling myself a rule that I didn’t know who decided.

Is this a hobby?

I had a few hobbies until now, but after a long time I felt like this.

Probably because it’s the first and last time to shoot overseas

I swore to my heart.

It was approaching the end of the year and the world was busy.

Winter vacation is approaching.

Even when it was cold, I used to hold my camera with my bare hands and walk outside to take pictures.

I think that I will check the pictures I took after I return.

You can check the scenery that you have casually passed by.

At that time, even if I think it’s beautiful, I forget it immediately.

It’s a human, so it can’t be helped.

“I will never forget this scenery right now”



What should I do after a while?

It becomes.

Absolutely yes.

If the camera was a film, it wouldn’t look like this.

I want to thank the digital age.

In this era, people who make works with film cameras can be highly respected.

I can’t do it now.

Maybe I’m scared so I can’t press the shutter.

Because you don’t know what’s going on until the photo is ready, right?

Do not do it.

It’s not a photo shoot.

It’s almost Christmas.

Don’t you forget anything?

What was it?

Is that important?

I can’t remember now.

I really can’t remember.

I wonder if he is such a human being.

I’m sure I will say “Oh!”

It’s usually late then.

to be continued.