Will start soon NO.3

This year’s work is almost over.

To tell you the truth, every year at this time, I was told that there would be a ridiculous amount of work and that I would be able to work on my days off.

I am grateful to have a job.

If you think about it normally, sales are the same as usual, but because of the winter vacation, there are only a few work days.

Then, I will be rushed to take measures first and move.

That’s right.

However, although our work is scheduled, it is about two weeks before the “confirmation” comes out.

If you made it before that and the decision was not made, it would be a mistake to make it.

Once confirmed, it will be guaranteed.

If you do not have to make it from there, you will pay the fixed amount.

That’s why there is a reason why people can’t move even if they want to move.

Actually, there are orders for items that are scheduled.

From our point of view, there are times when I think it’s good to do it.

Then who guarantees it?

If you don’t come out, the treasurer will be in trouble?

I can’t say anything back.

That’s why I’m busy every year at this time.

But rest.

I can’t get out because I’m in India.

I haven’t told you yet.

Should something happen, it’s not good, so I’d better inform the company.

I think about various things.

What can I do on my day off?

It doesn’t matter.

It’s not good to think that way.

In case something happens.

There is nothing.

I don’t know that.

But I have to say.

Let me tell you.

Let’s talk to a colleague for now.

It’s a hassle.

I’ll do it later.

to be continued.