Will start soon NO.4

I told my colleague.

“I’m going to India during winter vacation”

There was a little time left.



There is no answer to this question.

If you can say it forcibly, “somehow”

“Where are you going?”

“Isn’t it a stomachache?”

“Curry isn’t it spicy?”

There were many questions that I had imagined.

Everybody has the same idea.

I thought so too.

I decided to evade this question and convey it for the time being.

I go to Delhi

Because there is an airport in the city.

What is there?

There is no Taj Mahal there.

I know there is a castle in Delhi.

I don’t know if I can go, but I’ll try if I can afford it.

To be honest, I can’t properly answer the questions asked by everyone.

Because it is almost no plan.

How do you feel when you travel?

I wonder what the history tells me to do before going into the knowledge.

I don’t know because I’ve never done that.

What is the correct answer?

It’s a waste if you don’t think about it properly.

My answer is either ready or not, right?

This is my trip.

Isn’t it my freedom?

It may be just intuition or troublesome.

Isn’t there a sense of crisis?

If you have a sense of crisis, you can’t do that.

Someone may say such a thing.

It doesn’t matter.

If you keep a sense of crisis, you will get tired.

What are you going to travel for?

Are you going to relax and get something new there?

I think that if you keep on feeling and keep up the barriers, it will be difficult and you will not get anything.

Life is a marathon.

Life is professional wrestling.

Life is a journey.

There are people who make various comparisons.

I think everything is a good analogy.

Anyway, it’s hard.

It ’s patience.

It’s hard to think so you can smile at a good time.

Well, most of my life was tough.

to be continued.