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End of year’s

Everyone was smiling.

Maybe it’s an event where the family can make a meaningful time.

My house was always a small meal.

I don’t eat out much.

My mother cooks fried chicken and eats it.

Somehow Christmas.

And the promised mochi will come out during the New Year.

Our family is not the one who goes out somewhere or eats out frequently.

It was really rare to go out as a family.

There may have been some when I was a kid.

It is only in one corner of memory.

There were few photographs when I was a kid.

I still don’t think about it.

But this year, I learned what it means to leave my family and what I am today.

I played baseball when I was in elementary school.

I became a pitcher because I was left-handed.

The shoulders are not strong.

It may belong to the category called soft-thrower or artistic school.

My mother used to shoot me in videos.

At this time there was a video in our home.

Take a video of a game every week and check it home.

“Not good to throw”

“It’s not what I expected”

It was a form that even if I remembered it, I would never think that I could be a professional baseball player.

It may still be somewhere in my house.

I have no intention of looking for it, but I think I’m looking at it.

But the video is a bit annoying.

Because it takes time to set up.

Unlike today’s smartphones, installing old wiring on a TV is a difficult task.

I think it’s better to take photos.

Just put it in the album.

There are books out there that talk about the meaning of taking pictures.

The meaning changes depending on what you shoot, so for me, it means first for recording.

There is no need to speak deep meaning.

“I have to learn more how to shoot before I go to India.”

“What should I shoot today?”

My life had already changed.

to be continued.