Will start soon NO.8

Today is the company’s year-end party.

After work, I went to a certain hot spring town and started a year-end party at the banquet hall.

Our company is not a day trip.

Some people take off because they can stay.

Above all, a female companion comes during the banquet.

There are many men in the manufacturing industry.

Everyone is happy.

I’m happy with that, but I can drink and talk with colleagues outside of work.

I was happy with that.

Every day, people who have anxiety and dissatisfaction with their work open their conversations.


I appreciate the consideration of the company.

Our company is basically an employee.

Because they are small and medium-sized businesses, they treat me like a family.

Make me think I will do my best in this company next year.

I think it’s a good company.

A company with healthy employees is safe.

A person who thinks only about the individual and lives can not have this feeling.

It does not mean that a person who runs a business is bad.

To be honest, I think it’s more profitable to run an individual business.

It’s all up to you.

I’m sure many people are longing for it.

I am one of them.

However, there is no event where all employees can work together.

You don’t have to do that.

There are many such people.

“You just have to come to work on time, make a product, and return on time.”

There may be such a manager, too.

In fact I have never seen such a manager succeed.

Employees are humans, not robots.

I’m the same person as you.

The situation becomes difficult for managers who do not understand it.

I feel like that.

It’s just a matter of being overprotected.

Employees who can and cannot work.

There are many companies that have no difference.

That is also a problem.

Conversely, there are probably more companies like this.

This eliminates employee motivation.

It’s difficult.


You can’t control it perfectly.

That’s fine.

Everyone is emotional.

How do you manage this one community in society?

It’s a very difficult problem.

Each of them has a family and insists on their own circumstances.

So is the customer.

Detailed instructions on payment date, transaction conditions, and products.

Money will be transferred to the account as sales only when everything is supported.

It’s not possible without the help of employees.

In response to the unreasonable demands of customers by swallowing their own circumstances.

That’s how we are becoming.

The year-end party is over.

Some people take a hot spring after a banquet. (Dangerous after drinking)

I go home the next morning.

My brother and mother were with me at home as we entered winter vacation.

“Where do you go with such a big bag?”

Mother asks me

By the way, I didn’t say that.

“I ’m going to India”

My answer is my mother


brother is

“You’re silly”


“Get me a souvenir”

that’s all.

What is a family like this?

Carrying a large bag, I left home.

to be continued.