Will start soon NO.9

After getting cold at home, I carried a big bag on my back and went outside.

It’s cold outside.

This is Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture.

The wind from Mt. Akagi is strong, and the sensible temperature is colder than the announced temperature.

There is a station about 45 minutes on foot and we aim at Narita Airport from there.

“Backpack is heavy”

But I don’t care at all.

It looks like a backpacker.

I thought the bigger the bag, the cooler it was.

I reflected in the train window.


Check by turning sideways, standing up, facing up and changing the angle.


I don’t care about the eyes of the passengers around me.

Arrived at Takasaki station.

Let’s take the Takasaki line to get to Tokyo for the time being.

I don’t have much money.

About 2 hours to Ueno.


However, my own backpacker fashion show begins.

Look up a little, put on a hat and open your mouth.


There are not so many people on the conventional line, the Takasaki line.

If you talk in detail, the number of people will rapidly increase from around Omiya and Saitama Shintoshin.

And my existence becomes a nuisance.

The reason is a backpack.

Everyone has seen.


Such a voice is likely to be heard.

However, the person in question is soaring and it doesn’t matter.

“Don’t bother others”

It used to be said by my mother.

I forgot such a thing.

Because it’s soaring.

I could see myself in the window looking so cool that I was watching a scene in a movie.

When I arrived at Akabane, the train was full.

Occasionally I was on the commuting scene in Tokyo on TV.

What is this?

Is it the same Japan where I live?

It’s hard to work in a factory or work in the city.

Isn’t it a story before working?

It’s a story before going to work.

Do I have to think like this until I get to the company?

But when I think about it

I like work too, but everyone likes it too.

“Is cheers for good work”

I get off at Ueno, the end of the tweet.

Japanese is hard.

You can’t just think it’s hard for you.

I have to switch.

You cannot enjoy it unless you change the mode from this reality.

I’m nervous for the first time, so let’s relax.

Where should I go from now on?

While getting lost, arrive at Ueno Shinobazu.

to be continued.