Will start soon NO.10

Keisei Ueno I’m thinking of going to Narita Airport from Shinobazuguchi.

But before that I wanted to exchange Japanese yen for US dollars.

Everybody said that if you exchange money at the airport, the rate will not be good.

“Let’s spend only 50,000 yen”

I swore to my heart and exchanged money.

I had a credit card because I thought it would be necessary in an emergency.

But I swore I wouldn’t use it.

The reason is that he was active in a TV program and went from Delhi to Kolkata for 10,000 yen.

I’m new to overseas and I don’t know what’s going on, so I prepared 50,000 yen.

I still think there are many.

But now you’re almost ready.

Take the train to Narita and the backpack fashion show will start again.

“that’s enough”

It seems that you can hear such a voice.

But it doesn’t stop.

It’s cool.

It takes about 1 hour from Ueno to Narita.

Going from Gunma to Narita can be a challenge.

But I can’t go back anymore.

It’s not a one-way ticket, but it feels like it.

This train runs through a great country.

Isn’t it the same as Gunma?

Rather, Gunma is the city.

There were many new discoveries just from going from Gunma to Tokyo via Narita.

I wonder if this is the real pleasure of traveling.

Nothing has begun yet.

Up until now, I’ve been spending only in Gunma Prefecture, a small community, so everything is new beyond the boundaries of the prefecture.

Fresh feelings continue to stimulate my brain.

However, the amount of information is too large for my brain to keep up.

But I think that’s what everyone does.

I think that people who make good use of recording items such as memos and photos can work.

I didn’t have a memo this time, but I brought a camera.

A proud SLR.

It’s a good camera for recording.

Because I have no arms, I can’t cover it unless I use good things.

I’m glad I bought the money.

The train arrived at Narita Airport.

This is a huge building that I arrived at the airport for the first time since I became a member of society.

Need to be so big?

Are you still planning to expand?

I wonder if the distance between Japan and overseas is so close.

People who are always ahead and behind the times are more and more left behind.

I’m left alone.

I have to catch up.

I don’t want to be an outdated person.

I don’t mind this.

I had been thinking so until recently.

But when I came here, new feelings began to emerge.

By the way, now I am lost at Narita Airport.

“Where is the ANA counter?”

I don’t even know the departure and arrival lobby.

It takes time to get lost.

It’s really scary to have little information or experience.

After walking for a while, there was an ANA counter.

It’s quite lined up.

There are places where people are not lined up at all.

“Customer, this is business class, but is it okay to show me the E-ticket?”

business class?


What that?

It’s just an image, but I understand the business class somehow.

But what is an E-ticket?

“When you make a reservation, we print out the e-ticket screen and bring it to the counter.”


I don’t have it.

I didn’t have an E-ticket, but I understood that it wasn’t in business class, so I left the spot and rearranged it in a long line.

Certainly everyone has about A4 size paper.

What should I do.

Is it alright.

The people in the front check in one after another.

It’s my turn.

Give out your passport.

“Do you have an E-ticket?”

This question that came out.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have one.”

The person in charge looked over the computer screen and entered my passport number and name.

“Is there any luggage to check in?”

On the train, we put out a backpack that was treated as a jam by everyone.

I put a seal of the checked baggage on the upper hook and let it flow on the conveyor.

By the way, the weight is 17.8 kg.

It ’s so heavy

I’m going to carry this on my back in India.

He gave me a boarding ticket as I watched a slightly heavy backpack flow while traveling alone.

“Is it okay if I don’t have an E-ticket?”

When i ask

“I hope there was.”

That was the answer.

“If you take a picture of your smartphone or take a screenshot of the E-ticket screen, that’s fine.”

I could understand the picture but I wondered what the screenshot was.

Go through the immigration control quickly and go to the gate.

“Don’t be late for boarding”

There was a human who couldn’t afford at all, even though there were 90 minutes left.

I would normally go to a cafe, eat, or go to a bookstore, but I couldn’t afford it.

Is the plane okay?

Suddenly I became anxious.

After all, should I stop?

It was so dark that I couldn’t think of a person holding a backpack fashion show alone on the train until a while ago.

At that time, an announcement will be played.

Boarding has started.

Everyone started to line up.

I lined up, too.

He showed the boarding ticket to the staff and passed through the bar code with a beeping sound and was passed through the aisle.

Enter the plane and sit in the designated seat.

5 o’clock in the evening

I boarded an airplane going to Delhi, India.

I only have anxiety.

Not against an airplane.

For me after I went to India.

No plan.

You will now realize how scary this is.

I wonder if I should leave everything to the travel agency.

What should I do?

The plane started to move.

Looking out, it was raining heavily.

It always starts with rain.

It was in someone’s song.

I am not a rain man.

Can anyone tell me that I can’t leave because of the rain?

No such thing.

It seems that the turn of the runway has come.

The jet engine started and the airplane speeded up.

I was shocked like a roller coaster Dodonpa.

The plane flew with a fluffy feel without any worry.

“I’m sorry, I’ll get off.”

I can’t say that.

Let’s sleep.

Only I can do it now.

to be continued.