Scenery I have never seen NO.2

9 hours is long.

From now on, I will have to bring a book or put a smartphone application in order to make effective use of traveling time.

Even if you think about that, it’s time.

I’m in the aisle seat.

I’m still glad that the aisle seat was good.

I’m in trouble if it’s on the window side.

I can’t say “Excuse me, can I go to the bathroom?”

If the person is sleeping

What should a person with frequent urination do?

I’m not like that yet, but it would be a problem if the old man was sitting by the window.

Is it possible to choose a seat in the first place?

Is it an additional charge?

I was a little worried because I took a seat without knowing anything.

Being in this kind of place makes me think about extra things.

Most of the time I’m thinking of bad things.

It’s not good to be negative.

However, if it is confined in a narrow space for a long time, it may be a human being.

I heard that in a Western experiment, if a human being was left alone in a small space without electricity, the spirit would collapse in two days.

I understand that feeling.

It’s been a day when I work.

It’s rather lacking.

But now I have more time.

This is useless.

All time is used equally.

Every rich man and every poor man is given the same amount of time.

I think the abundance of life will change depending on how effectively you use the given time.

By the way, this time is wasted.

It’s a waste even though it’s a good experience.

I should have collected a little more information.

A slow time is flowing.

Such expressions are used in novels and dramas.

I have never experienced such a thing.

Is this this?

I think it’s different

It expresses the relaxing time that flows in the resort area, and cannot express that the current time is flowing slowly.

Japanese is difficult.

A small mistake often makes a completely different meaning and is not communicated to the other person.

I’m not good at telling people something.

So I’ve always completed everything myself.

Except for self-assertion.

I really want to convey my thoughts.

But it’s difficult to tell.

It’s rather difficult to convey.

I’m not good at Japanese

The way they are expressed is not communicated to the other person, rather than broken English or something like that.

Because it doesn’t get transmitted, it becomes a roundabout way and I don’t understand much.

And even the person you are trying to convey disappears.

I am disqualified as a person who reports.

I’m wondering if this guy has a small business position.

Often the company made this decision.

From the customer’s point of view, it might be wondering if such a person is okay in a position-based company.

That would be a problem for the company.

Better yet, I’d like you to get the post down.

That said, I think the fact is that the company is waiting for my growth.

Let’s do everything we can.

You would have thought that when you got into a position.

I was just not happy when I was given a position.

I remember that I was more wondering why.


It does not mean that your salary will increase significantly.

That was the feeling.

That’s what it is.

For the time being, I had only been in a difficult position for five years since I was in a position.

I don’t know what will happen from now on, but I just live as I am.

I think it’s important.

But what am I?

While I was thinking about such a thing, an announcement came out.

30 minutes before landing.

Please give me a belt.

I am doing it.


Doesn’t it mean that you didn’t care about the belt?

Weird thoughts come up.

Has anyone saved this?

I know if it’s a car accident, but how about an airplane?

It was a fine Kramer in my heart.

This shouldn’t be.

Though I’m landing, I can’t change my mind.

You can clearly see that the altitude has dropped.

Arriving in India soon.

I was in the aisle seat, and when I looked through the window, I could see the ground.

I don’t know what time it is in India, but it was dark outside and I could see only the lights in the city.

I only have anxiety.

The beginning is always the same.

It felt like this when I entered elementary school or junior high school.

If you look around, there are many people you don’t know.

It starts there.

Light gradually emerges from the darkness of this anxiety.

I want to believe that.

There is a banging sound and the aircraft bounces a little and runs on the runway.


We stand up to drink all the water in a small plastic bottle that we got at the meal.

And the first impression when I got out of the plane was “cold”.

India is cold.

I did not know.

I thought I could walk normally with a T-shirt, so my schedule changed a little.

Arrived in cold India.

I was asked some questions at the immigration, but I managed to pass.

Communication between different languages ​​is difficult.

As soon as I picked up the backpack flowing from the conveyor and left the word EXIT, I was reminded that this was a foreign country.

to be continued.