Scenery I have never seen NO.3


The time is 3:00 am.

The display says EXIT.

But I thought it was an entrance to India.

A lot of Indians awaited as we passed there.

I was an entertainer.

Pretending not to know, they thought they would pass, but they didn’t.

If you’re asked for a signature, that’s not the case.


Everyone says so.

I knew in advance that this would happen.

But I wanted to experience it.

I reserved an inn only on this day, so one man knows this place?

I said in Japanese.

He nodded.

That’s a lie.

I don’t believe it.

He does not know.

I decided so.

But he replied, “I know,” in Japanese.


I was surprised.

Somehow, I got to take his taxi.

Then the Indians around him immediately separated.

Isn’t it a fight?

Is it such a rule?

That’s great.

However, the price is of concern.

When asked, it is 500 rupees.

Is it expensive?

“It’s such a thing”

He said.

To be honest, I don’t know the market price. Well well.

We also exchange money before you leave the airport.

By the way, exchange 100 dollars and 5000 rupees.

Pay one-tenth of that to a taxi.

I put my luggage on the back seat and I sit down.

He dabbled.

Give me the money first

It was like that.

I couldn’t believe it.

Japan is postpaid.

If you pay first, you may be able to escape.

“When you arrive”

I said

He nodded as is.

He talks a lot in Katakoto’s Japanese.

“Why did you come to India?”

“Are you going around Delhi tomorrow?”

“If you were me, how about 5000 rupees a day?”

“I’m relieved because I can see everything.”

He was saying that.

However, rather than answering that question, I was more interested in the cityscape of India running through, and not so much.

I didn’t ignore it.

Dung, dung.

A mountain of roads that force you to slow down.

Suspension seems to be cool at high speeds.

If you ignore it, the car will break.

In a sense, this kind of mechanism is well thought out.

Japan keeps the signal even if no one is watching.

That’s obvious.

But that is a Japanese story.

This is India.

Should I do something like this?

I am interested in road conditions.

The city is dark and there is almost no light, but what you can see at the end of the road are the people sleeping with a piece of cloth.

Some people have bonfires.

Certainly it’s cold outside.

Is it homeless?

I didn’t feel sorry, but I realized that this was the reality of India.

Not everyone.

Although there is information that is called the IT powerhouse and has the power to emit smart people to the world, there are still gaps.

It also exists in Japan.

But somehow this is what a real homeless person might say.

If I were walking there, would they attack me?

I’m going to hold out my hand for the money.

I just imagined that.

They can’t get out of this life.

That is because there is a caste system.

The poor have always been poor.

Poor people are not allowed to fall in love with superiors.

It seems that if such a thing comes out, he will be killed.

It was a true story.

It was also news.

The darkness of India is deep and there are people’s walls that we cannot imagine.

It can’t be helped, but it’s not what I can do.

It is an ancient culture of evil in India.

No matter how much you deny or agree, the current situation remains the same.

I could only pass by while watching them.

Seeing me like that, the driver said, “Is this the first time in India?”

For some reason I answered “yes”.

The driver only said, “I can’t help it.”

And laughed.

The number of people is gradually increasing.

It must have been in Delhi.

It’s so early in the morning, but it’s full of people.

Where will everyone go from morning?

It’s not 4 o’clock in the morning.

The store is also open.

Is it 24 hours?

I don’t think that’s the case, but what are people doing in the current year?

Everyone is walking in the same direction.

It looked a little far, but I think it’s a station.

I wonder if everyone will go back to the country.

Maybe yes.

I wonder if the train will leave early this morning.

Indian trains are famous in the world.

It’s like a crowded train in Japan, but it looks a little different.

I wanted to experience it.

Will people really ride on the roof?

Is it India?

It was like Bangladesh.

Either way is okay.

Let’s go to the station later.

Maybe I can get on.

There are more and more signboards with unknown characters, English or Hindi.

And when the number of people suddenly decreased, the taxi stopped.


The driver said.

Isn’t it pitch black?

Moreover, the door is not open.

The driver bangs on the door and is probably yelling in Hindi.

please stop.

It will bother other people.

He is making a loud voice without such an intention.


The shopkeeper with the door open and wearing glasses looks at this.

I said my name, “I have reservation”.

He told me to go inside in a troublesome manner.

He pointed one finger when handing a taxi driver Rs 500.

Give me a little more.

That might have meant that.

I was tired, so I gave up my hand.


I shook my hand off such words, and shook my hand.

A taxi driver who stares at me with a disgruntled face and leaves.

I don’t have to worry about such a thing and just go inside.

It’s hard to refuse.

The inn owner told the guest book to show his address, date of birth and passport.

When I handed my passport and filled it in the guest book, he set my passport in the copy machine and pressed the start button.

But it didn’t move.

It was broken.

The inn owner will return it tomorrow, so I’ll keep it.

I was saying such a thing.

No, return it.

I dabbled.

I’m not going to sell that passport somewhere.

I couldn’t believe it.

He didn’t return his passport.

I became anxious.

He put his passport in his desk and took me to the room.

It’s a single room.

Well not bad.

Anyway it’s cold.

There is no air conditioner.

I can’t sleep because it’s 4 am

Let’s leave the room early and go to the station.

When I read the book, it seems that there is a city called Jaipur some time after Delhi.

It’s a wonderful city as far as you can see from the pictures.

Let’s go.

After checking the luggage for a while, I called my brother.

“Arrived in India”

After I said so, my brother

“Yes, be careful.”

that’s all.


My family is like this.

And call her.

“I’m in Kyoto right now, I’ll call you back when I return.”

She said

“Did you bring that single-lens reflex camera? Show me later when you take a picture.”


I brought my SLR.

But this is India.

I had to go to her this winter vacation because my family was going to Kyoto so I couldn’t play.

“I forgot the SLR, right?”

I say with a pretty impatient voice.

“Yes, please contact me when you come back.”

I said so and hung up.

At this time, I used to make international calls without knowing the existence of WiFi or lines.

I knew it was expensive.

But the phone is also connected.

I was relieved for the time being.

When I was relieved, I closed my eyes as being disgusting.

He must have been tired.

I went to sleep after a long trip.

And when I woke up it was 6 o’clock in the morning.


I slept for about an hour and a half.

I’m glad I didn’t fall asleep.

I’m still nervous.

I haven’t stayed there for a while, but I’m really going to sleep when I’m still there, so I prepared to go out.

to be continued.