Scenery I have never seen NO.5


“Are you Japanese?”

There was a break on the way to Jaipur, and when I got out of the car, I was asked by a young man and woman in Japanese.

“Yes, it is”

I answered so.

I didn’t come abroad to look for Japanese people.

But I was happy.

They are students and are taking a trip to India this winter vacation.

It seems that I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday, so I chose breakfast at the stall.

It doesn’t look good at all.

But he was eating.

I’ll try it too

A little fried food comes out and costs 10 rupees.


But as I imagined, it wasn’t delicious at all.

He ate my portion as well.

I don’t know the taste.

I doubted so.

I bought a cola and had a break with them.

They were accustomed to traveling.

It seems that he has been to various countries and is going to more severe places than India.

He said he had also felt the danger of life.

That’s amazing.

I respected them a little.

The words were even better than I could speak.

He was not native English by any means, but he spoke openly.

Listening to them often, they seem to be acting together because they happened to be heading together in Delhi rather than in a couple.

“What are you going to Jaipur?”


I told him how I came to India and, of course, said that it was almost unplanned.

“Eh? I don’t understand.”

They said.

First time traveling abroad in India alone.

And almost no plan.

The only thing I want to see is Taj Mahal.

And for some reason Jaipur has a different direction.

“I’m thinking of going to Jaipur and then to Agra.”

The boy seems to go to Agra via Jaipur like me.

“Let’s go together”

He said so.

This is also a connection, and above all I was grateful for saying that.

After the break, the car started running again.

I was a little relieved in this situation and fell asleep.

I think they were sleeping too.

When I woke up, it was sunny outside and the fog in Delhi was like a lie.

Jaipur is the city where people walked along the sand-covered road and made their sideways feel like people living here.

The car stopped at the parking lot and everyone got off in the clear sky.

“Is this Jaipur?”

Although it is a great countryside, you can see the castle built along the mountain surface.

Let’s go there.

It’s a castle called Amber Fort.

The building was built in the Middle East, but somehow it resembles the Great Wall of China.

It is quite high if you look up.

Are you going to carry this backpack here?

I think we were all thinking about that.

I checked my bag before I entered the castle.

There is no problem at all.

Then the boy asked the person in charge, “Can you keep the bag here?”

I said so.

The clerk said, “OK.”

Let’s take a picture for the time being.

Evidence that our backpack was here.

If you don’t do it this way, you may be shy because you didn’t know about it.

Don’t trust

It’s bad for people in charge, but this is India.

Various troubles are more likely to occur than I think.

Just be careful.

That’s why I decided to leave my backpack, but only the girl refused to leave it.

It seems that there are important things in the backpack.

But I think it’s tough for a little girl to carry this big backpack all the time.

I had to carry it on my back.

Bigger and heavier than my backpack.

Have you traveled with this on your back?

Though it was a little girl, it looked very big.

Her name is “Sachi”.

I called him Sachi.

Although I was still young, I traveled and came here by myself. That’s great.

But until a while ago, it was a trip for two girls.

He said he wanted to fall in love with an Indian young man who has another girl in Varanasi.

Still, Sachi chose to proceed.

I think there are times when a man breaks up and acts differently, but I couldn’t think of a girl traveling on different roads while traveling.

She’s on her chosen path and is here now.

It seems that he did not quarrel.

I was relieved to hear it.

Everyone lives in the present with their own circumstances.

It’s not young or old or a man or woman.

Everyone holds something and lives.

Various emotions are born.

Talk to strangers and get to know each other.

I’m glad I came here.

I really thought so.

This castle is quite large.

I take a breath.

A monkey is chasing at the top of the castle.

A cow is sleeping on the road of the castle.

This is normal in this country.

I had no choice but to accept this reality.

This is a new experience rather than an acceptance.

This is not a dream.

I’m here now and I’m walking fast.


I carry a slightly heavy backpack, but I walk strongly.

Let’s burn the scenery that you can see right now.

However, humans are forgetting creatures.

I know that.

For some reason I forget.

It’s cruel.

I brought my camera because I knew it.

I didn’t think I would take beautiful pictures at this time.

I wanted to keep the scenery I saw with my camera.

And I reached the top.

The best view.

Let’s take a picture together.

I’m not sure if the shot was good, but I was happy that everyone could take it.

I had never made a real trip.

I don’t think I will ever have such an experience.

It’s only now, so let’s walk hard.

I went to the back of the top of the castle and saw something I didn’t want to see.

“There is a parking lot”

I wish I had come to Autorickshaw.

I didn’t say it in words, but I think they thought it for a while.

And there were elephants.

It has been painted with a lot of colors.

The person watching is good, but the elephant is a good nuisance.

We left the castle with the elephant on the back.

They have something they want to see next.

“There is a water palace near here, so let’s go.”

The boy said on the way down.

While talking with him, I found out that his name was Kite.

I also said my name

I called him Kite.

He has called me Akira.

I am considerably older.

But he had a better experience of life.

It was fun.

There was something I was interested in from Delhi.

Kite has a habit of biting her nails.

It’s not a bad thing, but I felt something same because I had a habit of biting my nails in the old days.

We went down and picked up our backpacks and headed to the Water Palace.

to be continued.