Scenery I have never seen NO.6


Now to the water palace.

It was close.

It was really soon.

A white palace seemed to float in the middle of a small lake.

The blue sky was reflected in the lake.

It looked mysterious due to the weather conditions.

I wanted to watch for a while, but the young man finished the tour in 10 minutes.

I followed them too.

This is a suburb of Jaipur, not the city.

According to their story, the traffic jams in the city seem to be completely unworkable if they get really into it.

None of us three had booked an inn.

Let’s find an inn.

For the time being, Kite was negotiating for the price by designating a place in the city as a driver of the Autorickshaw nearby.

“Where are you going?”

I asked Kite.

“There is a recommended inn in Jaipur that I heard from someone during my trip.”

Kite was pointing at an inn that suits the way he walked on earth.

It seems that the driver can go to the vicinity, but I do not know the details.

Anyway, let’s go to the city.

The amount of money negotiated with the driver was well organized and headed for the city.

The wind from Autorickshaw was pleasant.

But the sand is flying away.

I ran for a while while watching the cityscape of India.

Of course I was addicted to the traffic jam.

It was rumored that this was a traffic jam in India.

Is there a traffic rule?

There is no such thing.

But I’m trying not to hit good things.

Speaking of driving technology, it sounds good, but the problem is that there are no traffic rules in the first place.

Moreover, I feel that I didn’t just look at the signal near the airport.

It may not have happened.

This is probably the situation in this country.

It took a long time, but it seems that we arrived near the inn.

We decided to walk out and find 250 rupees.

It was difficult to find an inn and even if I asked the people in the town, I did not understand.

Isn’t it?

I thought so internally, but believed that there was a kite and proceeded.

The sun is getting darker.

The building turns orange or pink when it hits the setting sun.

“This is called Pink City.”

Kite said.

I nodded while gazing at the beautiful city illuminated by the setting sun.

Kite is asking another person for the location.

How many times has it been?

Sachi and I were a little tired.

Especially Sachi came here with a backpack bigger than me.

I think it’s tough.


His tension was on the rise.

I will make an inn in such a place.

Recommended here?

Appearance that is not beautiful even in flattery.

There are few people around it and it cannot be said that it is safe.

Anyway, we were tired so we went inside.

Write personal information on the guest book and give the passport to the staff.

The copy is over and my passport is back soon.

Only private rooms are available.

The staff said so.

There are girls, so that’s better.

We paid 900 Rupees for the lodging fee and were guided to the room.

“Let’s go out to eat after leaving the luggage.”

Kite said that.

The room is not bad at all.

But there was one problem.

No hot water comes out.

it can not be helped.

Do you give up the shower?

Let’s put up with a water shower when you return from dinner.

The outside temperature was displayed as 8 degrees.

For the time being, put a backpack and go to the lobby.

If you look closely at this inn, you can see that it was recommended.

The building is old but clean.

The staff’s response is also good.

I think that there are many troubles when traveling, but I thought there would be no problem if I chose such an inn.

After a while, they also came to the lobby.

“Let’s go to town”

India is not limited to this city, dust and exhaust gas are great.

When I returned to my room, I had a tissue in my nose, but it was black.

Sachi was wearing a mask.

It seems that Kite doesn’t care if he’s used to it.

I was working in a factory and the dust was so great that I didn’t mind that much.

Pink city.

The building was beautiful and looked down at us although the sun had set and it was dark.

Almost all places where you can go sightseeing are closed.

We were looking for a place to have dinner, but there was nothing good.

Suddenly a boulevard came out and the traffic volume of cars and Autorickshaw increased.

What I saw there was a lit-up World Heritage site, the Palace of the Wind.

I wonder what time I built this.


How did the people of that time build this?

Approaching with the strange feelings of excitement and doubt.

There weren’t many tourists and we were the only non-locals.

The window is made of stained glass and looks mysterious.

The building is quite large when seen from the front, but when viewed from the side a little behind it was a papier mache.

After looking up for a long time, we took a picture together.

The building was so close to the road that I couldn’t see the whole thing, so I asked a local Indian for a photo.

He grabbed my camera and was proud of it.

I thanked him and asked him to return the camera.

I didn’t know what time it was and I couldn’t choose dinner, so I came back to the inn.

And most Indian inns had restaurants on the roof, and I ate there.

I don’t know what I’m eating, but for the time being curry and butternan. And tandoori chicken.

The curry I ordered was not spicy.

I can’t eat spicy food.

The curry prince is the limit.

It seems that Kite was a spicy curry.

But I am eating fast.

I’m young.

I was envious.

When I was a student, I was playing sports and eating more than people.

And above all

I’m eating less now.

There is no reason to get fat.

Sachi eats quietly like a girl.

Three people who moved a lot and did not talk so much began to talk little by little.

They say they are from the Kansai area, though they have no language.

I’m Gunma, so even in Japan, it’s completely different.

Kite will go to Agra and Delhi, and then fly to Mumbai.

His journey never ends.

I heard him while wondering what he was doing at school.

Now that he is not interested in the opposite sex, he seems to want to travel during long holidays with the money that he usually worked part-time.

I think it’s good.

And by making the best use of this experience, we will probably fly into society.

Sachi will go to the bus terminal tomorrow morning and return to Delhi to the airport.

I didn’t say much about it, but I was worried about the friends I left behind.

There was something I was interested in.

I don’t really understand the price of money.

I don’t know the market price in India because I had been ripped off by the time I was here and I was working with them.

I told them how much I spent on the bus and the cost of a taxi from the airport to the city.

Their answer is

“It’s expensive.”

After all it was.

And it seems that airplane tickets were also quite expensive.

I cost 190,000 yen from Japan to India.

They say it’s a little over 40,000 yen.

No matter how many transfers you have, it’s cheap.

They taught me.

There seems to be an app called Skyscanner.

I will write it down and I will install it when I return to Japan.

Even so, this is the only time we will have a trip like this.

I asked them about the price situation and I knew it.

The taxi used from the airport is 300 rupees, and the bus from Delhi to Jaipur is 500 rupees.

I used to spend 500 rupees for a taxi and 2000 rupees for a bus.

And at $ 100 exchanged at the airport, 5000 rupees was actually about 6500 rupees.

It’s scary not knowing.

I don’t know how much I will lose.

Kite said before finishing eating and returning to the room.

“It’s New Year’s Eve, let’s count down.”

The time was 9 pm.

I still have time, so I decided to take a shower in my room and go out again.

I thought I would go to the room and take a shower.

“Only water comes out.”

I complained but twisted the faucet.


It’s hot water.

The shower is taken normally.

How happy!

But happiness did not last long.

It turns into water in about 1 minute.

On the contrary, the surface has increased.

I managed to stay out of the cold and finish the shower.

I wiped out my body and went out.

Three people gathered and went out.


All the restaurants are closed and there is only streetlight around here.

I called out to an Indian who was flirting nearby.

There are no more bars or restaurants around here.

We were sticky

“If you sell juice or sweets, it’s still open nearby.”

We had the Indian guide us.

It’s a really small shop.

But it is only open here.

We bought juice and sweets we had never seen there.

Because I wanted to spend the year at the hotel.

I bought a lot.

Thinking so, I went back to the hotel with some sweets.

All three will return to the room once and gather in my room.

Sachi-san came first after a while.

“Isn’t the hot water of this hotel short?”


“Eh? It came out normally.”

Go straight to the bathroom


I said.

Hot water keeps coming out.

Is there any trick?

When I do it, it turns into water.

I have to try various things.

It’s a waste to give up once.

If it was done properly, a comfortable shower time might have been obtained.

Kite won’t come.

“I fell asleep”

Shortly after that, the door opened suddenly and Kite came in.

“I fell asleep”

He must have been tired.

For the time being, I opened sweets and prepared juice.

When I thought about starting it, when I looked at the clock on my smartphone, it was exactly 12:00.

“Happy new year”

It was juice, but I toasted.

It was a small Happy New Year, not a special one.

They look at their smartphones and show each other their screens.


I hadn’t registered yet at this time.

“You should do it.”

Kite said.

There seems to be a story of them so far.

After all, I was late.

I knew the existence of this app.

I was scared to show my face to the public.

However, I think that I thought it was a waste of time.

It will be possible to understand how young people with a future like them can overcome various difficulties in their work.

I’m not young anymore.

It’s been about 15 years since I started work, but I still don’t know anything.

I think it’s not bad to learn or interact with these young people.

It is already uncle to talk about things from such a viewpoint.

They went back to my room and fell asleep as I was tired.

to be continued.