Scenery I have never seen NO.7


5 am

New Year’s Day.

The three of us went to sleep yesterday celebrating a small Happy New Year.

I was tired so I could sleep soundly.

However, I woke up at 5 am.

The reason is that Sachi will head to the bus terminal and go to Delhi.

Kite and I went together.

To tell the truth, we are going to Agra from now on.

Everyone is saying goodbye to this town.

Take Auto Rickshire to the bus terminal.

It’s cold in Jaipur in the morning.

The first thing that changed my image when I came to India was that it was cold.

I heard that in North India, hundreds of people are frozen to death each year.

Is it possible for those people who are living with the first piece of cloth that I saw at the beginning?


It is collectively referred to as poverty, but I think that this is exactly what I think of poverty.

There may be some people in Japan who are frozen to death, but it is extremely rare.

However, at this time, hundreds of people die because they cannot bear the cold.

This reality may not be new, but it’s the one I just learned.

Moreover, the poor are still poor.

I also thought that it was the bottom, but I’m still a better person.

I’m sorry to compare them to me, who is doing nothing in a situation where more opportunities are available in a given life.

They don’t even have a chance.

I was ashamed of myself.

Let’s change our feelings and live.

And let’s take a picture of it so that we will not forget this reality.

This view from the viewfinder is strange.

It’s the first foreign country, but it looks more strange when looking through the viewfinder.

I was in the virtual world and everything seemed to be going on without me.

The photographers who were telling us what they were doing on the battlefield somehow knew what it was like to look into the viewfinder.

I don’t think it applies to everyone, but I have a slight sense of invincibility.

It seems that I’m the only kind of magic who seems to be okay.

I was releasing the shutter thinking about that.

You can see the bus terminal.

I don’t know which bus goes where like Delhi.

Sachi was asking a driver who was standing in front of the bus where the bus to Delhi was.

The driver pointed at us and we headed there.

It was a pretty old bus.

It was a bus that made me worried that I could really reach Delhi.

However, Sachi threw his luggage into the luggage compartment of the bus without hesitation and came to us again.

“Thank you for everything”

Sachi said.

“Be careful”

We told Sachi, and at the end we shook hands and shook hands.

And Sachi got into the bus without turning around.

I was a little lonely.

Sachi has a story about Sachi.

And I prayed that Sachi’s future trip could be completed safely.

We still have our story.

I looked back at the bus going to Delhi only once and then turned to the front.

Let’s find a bus to Agra.

Kite asked a nearby man.

“I’m not here right now, but I’ll be back soon.”

A man in a dirty outfit said that he really wanted to tell him.

We waited a little while eating the rest of the sweets we bought yesterday.

This candy is not delicious.

Ordinary candy makers consider what kind of candy can be sold and make trial products to commercialize them.

However, it was so bad that I couldn’t imagine such a thing at all when it was limited to this candy, and if Kite-kun wasn’t beside me, I would have gone to the trash in an instant.

There are various stalls at the bus terminal, so there is no problem in eating.

When I bought a cola and waited, a bus with “Agra” stopped in front of me.

This is probably true.

I was worried about the bus Sachi-san took a while ago, but an older bus came.

What about the price?

I was a little worried.

How much does a local bus in India cost?

The amount of money I got from Delhi to Jaipur is 2000 rupees.

Completely defocused.

The driver came down and said.

“500 rupees”


I don’t know if this is an old bus, but 500 rupees is cheap.

We paid and went inside.

On the right side is an ordinary bus seat.

The left side can be used like a box and can be used on any side.

We chose the normal seat on the right.

There was a reason for it.

I’ll see you later.

There were few people on board, but as time passed, the driver turned on the engine and the bus started running.

The coach has a driver and another man supporting him.

When I started running into the city, the support man opened the front door.

And yells, “Agler, Agler”.

People were looking here.

And people who want to go to Agra get on and on from the middle.

And the bus doesn’t stop.

People run on the running bus at the same speed and get on.

There are more people coming in from the middle than the first one.

To tell the truth, I had heard this information from Kite.

There will be a lot of people riding in the middle, so there is no doubt that a normal seat is better.

The people in the box seats are good because there are no people at the beginning, but it will be giffy and it will be difficult.

Thank you Kite.

I can’t spend hours with Indian people like that.

I thought so.

The bus continues without stopping.

I can’t see the sand in front of me, so I proceed without any problems.

We had one break but we didn’t go outside.

Probably because I can get a seat.

Of course, I cannot complain because it is not a reserved seat.

We protected this seat.

Even so, the view from the window was full of sand, cows and stray dogs.

People lived in it, but they lived in a house with only gray bricks and couldn’t see much.

That’s normal for them.

From my point of view, it looked like one step before the homeless.

Is India so dusty?

I wondered.

India on TV was covered with greenery in some places, and I think there are some urban areas.

I’m only seeing part of India.

As I learned later, it seems that Jaipur is a region where there is a desert town called Jaisalmer nearby.

I don’t know what’s going on in Agra, but I take a good look at the scenery and take a picture.

This trip may be the first and last, so don’t regret it.

It was early in the morning, so I slept a little and woke up.

It’s about time.

When I looked around, everyone was sleeping in a rug.

And Kite was biting her nails.

to be continued.