Scenery I have never seen NO.9


My eyes are a little blind.

Behind the white light was the shining Taj Mahal.

It’s pure white.

All Indians are also taking pictures here.

I’ll take it too.

It didn’t shoot as well as a travel magazine, but I recorded it as what I saw.

How many times has it been repaired?

It shouldn’t have stayed that way because there will be deterioration over time.

Construction started in 1632 and was completed in 1653.

It is a work that uses the best materials and construction techniques of that time over 21 years.

Even though I was far away, I was fascinated.

From other people’s perspective, he was just a mad man.

That is what impressed me.

Kite was also taking pictures with his smartphone.

It was early after I came to India, but I thought that it was nice to come again considering the things I did various preparations before coming here.

We approached the building.

Then I picked up the camera again and took a picture.

I took it many times.

It won’t come anymore.

While thinking so, I tried hard to shoot as an amateur.

I looked back once and wondered what the people lined up outside were doing.

With that many people, it wouldn’t be strange to have more people in this.

Probably it was also admission restrictions.

For the time being, I paid a little more money and I was asked to enter it early because I was a foreigner.

At this time, I was happy that I was Japanese.

Kite was looking inside.

It seems to be put in the Taj Mahal.

We lined up.

As expected, many people are lined up.

What is in this?

“The king of that time seems to be sleeping in this.”

Kite said while looking at the book.

I was fascinated by this luxurious building.

I’ve already died, but my dad was doing construction work alone.

I often went to help when I was a kid.

I think I was making a custom-built house for ordinary households.

He was staring at drawings every day.

I didn’t know what it was, but I think it was a repetition of writing and deleting.

It’s been nearly 30 years since then, and I still have a little respect for him, because I think that people live in the houses he built.

But he didn’t scramble for anything other than work.

It was sloppy to me at the time.

I’m told that my face resembles my mother, but my personality may resemble my father.

Such a person should not get married.

While thinking about such a thing, our turn came.

Kite was stopped by a man in charge.

Kite carried a small backpack.

It seems that it was stopped because of this.

I can’t leave this rucksack behind and it seems that the guy in charge isn’t going to keep me either.

“I can’t help this, so if I go first and come back, I’ll take my backpack and Kite will go inside.”

That said, Kite-kun was waiting.

I went inside.

To be honest, I wasn’t impressed when I saw the grave surrounded by the fence and it was dark.

I wonder if this king is sleeping here all the time and tourists see the grave and stay here.

The building itself feels his awesomeness and I understand why people come here even after a long time.

But did he really want this?

I hate it.

I’m great, I hate to sleep in this darkness even if I appeal.

I felt a little pity for the king.

I didn’t know what would happen if I were dead.

It seems so to my death.

I don’t want to go into a grave like this, or a grave with this person.

If you die, nothing will remain.

Others may say that is not the case.

The civilization that is now remains because there is something left behind by those who have died.

That’s right, but when it comes to me, I haven’t left anything behind and it’s no use to humankind.
If I’m dead and there’s no grave, I’d like you to scatter some bones.

I think so.

Kite was waiting when I left the exit.

“It was early.”

Kite said so and gave me the backpack apologizing.

I was looking at the Taj Mahal marble all the time while Kite was touring inside.

“It was pure white when viewed from a distance, but it was dark.”

I’ve said soliloquy.

There are places where you can get a blackhead when you touch it.

I think it was due to exhaust gas.

Indian auto rickshaws and old cars run with black smoke, and the city is covered with smoke even during heavy traffic.

I don’t think it is possible under Japanese emission regulations.

I don’t know if this town was used to make a fine building, or if this building was made to create this town, but I felt the difficulty of getting money from outside such as sightseeing.

Naturally, the tourism industry is receiving money from all over the world by feeding this Taj Mahal.

However, I thought that some rules were necessary for both those who came to see and those who accepted.

Not everything.

The Taj Mahal is not the only building in this center.

There are buildings on both sides.

Seems to be the same structure, but a little small.

Does it mean anything?

I didn’t understand it, but I knew it was beautiful.

I think I could have built more amazing things if I had construction technology like I do now, but at that time I think I was able to spend so much money and ignore the dissent of people.

If you say that you can make this in Japan now, a demo will happen.

People will be angry that they shouldn’t waste taxes.

I think it was possible because I was the King at the time, and it’s amazing how I made it.

The Taj Mahal is here.

That is all.

to be continued.