Different culture and baptism

Different culture

It would be amazing to see where I am now from my point of view.

I haven’t told you this.

I’ll say it sometime, but I don’t mean to say it soon after I return.

I’m not angry.

She doesn’t have this image of me.

Why am I here now?

Although I think about it variously, there is nothing to say that this is convincing.

You might think what you’re saying on your own, but that’s what it is.

I have no regrets.

I think it was rather good.

From now on, I will return to the hotel in Agra with Kite, collect my backpack, go to the view from the park behind the Taj Mahal, and then go to Delhi.

Is that enough time?

I was wondering.

Kite was willing to go.

I just said, “I understand.”

I wonder if this is good for young people.

I tried to think so.

First, talk to a nearby Autorickshaw driver and tell him your plan is to say:

The driver said, “I think I can.”

Price negotiations have begun.

It’s 500 rupees for two people.

A little expensive.

Kite negotiated many times.

But the driver didn’t break.

Time goes by.

Looking for something else?

However, looking around, there isn’t much auto rickshaw.

We had no choice but to break it.

Rather than say

This will move you forward.

We got on Autorickshaw.

The driver said before leaving.

“The bus from Agra may not leave late.”


Then it’s no good when it’s night.

And again the driver said.

“I think you’ll wait if you make a reservation first.”


The first words I heard in this country.

Where are you going to this bus? Delhi?

I had decided in my own country that there was no reservation system in this country because such exchanges were ongoing.

I and Kite consulted.

First of all, let’s go to the bus terminal and secure a bus for Delhi.

Is the bus terminal near here?

Physically it seems to be okay.

I think I was talking about that.

We went to the bus terminal as the driver said.

On the way, I saw Taj Mahal on the riverbank and a park-like thing in the back.

Do you want to go there?

The view from there is pretty beautiful.

It’s a little cloudy, but I would like to take a picture against the setting sun.

I passed by thinking so.

If you go a little, you can see the bus terminal in the distance.

However, I was addicted to traffic congestion from here and there.

We were wondering whether to walk or not, but then we had to leave the driver and negotiate with another Autorickshaw.

Considering that time, I chose to go through the traffic.

After passing through the congested intersection, I proceeded smoothly.

When we got to the bus stop, we got off from Autorickshaw.

The driver said, “The old bus in the back is for Delhi, I’m waiting here.”

He said so.

We walked towards the back of the bus terminal.

There was a bus that says DELHI.

There are no passengers or drivers here.

I wonder if it’s a day off.

I felt a little uncomfortable.

Looking around, there is no one.

What should I do.

As I was thinking about it, a man walked towards me.

“I can’t get this bus yet.”

He said so.

We ask when do you leave?

“Is it about 5 or 6?”

He seems to be the driver of this bus.

He seems to be taking a break now.

“Can I make a reservation?”

Kite asked him.


He said so.

We paid Rs 400 per person and booked.

I thought

It was cheaper than I expected.

We got a reservation ticket and walked to Aurtrickshire, but I was worried about the bus and looked back at it once to see it.


There is no window.

Is it alright?

Though I thought so, I walked forward and walked.

The autorickshaw driver looks at me and raises his hand.

You really waited.

I was relieved because I doubted everything.

We got on Autorickshaw again.

And when I got back on the road I came, I was addicted to traffic again.

to be continued.