Different culture and baptism NO.3

Different culture

Autorickshaw runs from a riverside park to the city.

It’s quite a power, but climbing this slope is still difficult.

The speed gradually decreased.

“Do your best”

I thought so.

I don’t like the word hard work.

I played baseball as a club during high school.

When it comes to competitions

“Don’t do your best in the next competition.”

It is said so.

Thank you and reply

What are you trying to do?

What should I do?

that’s what I thought.

Is it because I was in a rebellious period then?

No, it should be different.

I still don’t like the word.

Even if I say it, I’m in trouble. If I’m asked what to do and how to do it, I’m in trouble.

When I want to convey something but can’t express it in words, I say I’ll do my best.

I know that this doesn’t help.

I’m using this word for convenience.

When I think of it that way, when the other person uses this word, I feel that it is a time when I cannot express it in words.

In other words, it doesn’t make sense.

However, only the feelings of the other person are transmitted.

It may be such a word.

It doesn’t make sense that I told Autorickshar to do my best this time.

If there is, it means that I can move properly.

Although he is slow, he is climbing this slope.

The engine of Autorickshaw, which includes three drivers including the driver, is screaming.

I will climb up soon.

Isn’t it faster to walk the last 100 meters or so?

It was too late to think so.

But I climbed up.

Good job.

I said so quietly that I couldn’t even hear Kite next door.

From there, Autoricksha burst into breath and ran.

If this goes on, it may be possible to get to the bus terminal on time.

I thought so, but the first thing I could see was a crowd of cars in a traffic jam.

I’m addicted.

This time seems to be long.

It was a traffic jam that even an amateur I could see.

The scenery seems to stop.

No, it’s stopped.

It doesn’t move.

Only the time passed and the sky gradually turned orange.

We were impatient.

It was for dogs in this town as well as for traffic jams.

The number of dogs increased in the evening and I felt like watching us.

We are not in a taxi so when a dog hits us we are not accumulating.

Indian stray dogs are dangerous.

Behaving in a mysterious manner, such as spinning around in an empty space or suddenly making a hole.

Probably rabies.

If the dog bites you, the game is over.

If you get bitten by a rabies dog and develop it, you will die 100%.

I’m not so scared.

The dog is looking at me.

He opens his mouth and puts out his tongue and breathes hahahahaha.

We couldn’t do anything because it was in a traffic jam.

Don’t make eye contact with the dog.

That’s it.

Auto-rickshaw advances little by little.

And dogs follow.

Follows while keeping the same distance.

This time was really scary.

Get out of the traffic soon.

There are more dogs.

I think everyone is looking at me.

Not really, but it seemed to me.

I soon found that the road was open.

We disappeared like air and stuck to “nothing”.

Eventually the auto-rickshaw started to move.

I left the traffic jam area.

Why is it so much traffic?

Such doubts and anger dominated my feelings.

There are many dogs in the process.

At this point, the driver forced himself into a narrow alley and made a short cut.

I’m speeding on this narrow road.

To be honest, I was scared.

What do you do if someone suddenly comes out?

The incident happened just before I was worried.

People were in the way when turning a small alley, so I proceeded while avoiding it.

Then I hit the dog.

The dog was okay at this time because there was no speed at all.

But the dog was barking at me.

Not us.

If you bark, bark at the driver.

But the dog was barking at us.

And it came close to us and threatened.

I was really scared.

But the driver immediately ran the autorickshaw and fled from there.

It’s dangerous.

This might happen if so many people and animals lived.

It’s always close to danger in India.

Are Indians not afraid of dogs?

I wouldn’t be scared at normal times, but now I’m scared.

Above all, do Indians know about rabies?

Do you know and live this life?

It’s a little scary to live in this fear.

I might not be able to live here.

The auto-rickshaw stopped when I was thinking about such a thing.

I arrived at the hotel where I kept my backpack.

We hurried to the front and received a backpack.

And when I went outside, the sky was dim.

I have to hurry.

We took another auto rickshaw and departed for the bus terminal.

There must be traffic again.

What is this country?

Why doesn’t it go so smoothly?

Only doubts come up.

to be continued.