Different culture and baptism NO.4

Different culture

We were a little relieved.

I got my backpack.

I don’t know if I’ll leave it even though I’ve deposited it with the hotel staff.

Indians would get angry when they heard this.

But from the perspective of us Japanese, India has that image.

I know not everyone.

If you look at it in a rough image, that is the case.


It is the same as seeing from a foreign country that Japan is a country that makes samurai, cars, and home appliances.

Looking up at the sky, it is pitch black.

What’s going on with the bus?

Are you waiting for me?

If I hadn’t waited, I had no choice but to find a hotel to stay today.

I had to think about such a pattern.

The traffic started again.

Same place.

The driver picks up his helmet and talks to the driver in the next Autorickshaw.

Is it long again?

We sighed a little and drank a little water left at the same time.

The scenery got dark and the streetlights began to light up.

The black smoke from cars and Autorickshaw is more conspicuous because of street lights.

From the bottom to the top, we are smoking the smoke.

However, after getting used to it in this short period of time, I do not cough or feel uncomfortable.

Familiarity is terrifying.

A driver looking far away hurriedly put on a helmet.

I wonder what.

Suddenly, Autorickshaw moved forward.

I don’t know what triggered it.

However, this driver may have been found by experience.

I was ready and ready to move.

As expected it is a professional.

I thought so only at this time.

We are heading to the bus terminal.

The original purpose is to take a bus to Delhi today.

I thought it was a bit impossible for me.

Kite probably believed that he could go.

You have to emulate this kind of place.

I don’t say bad things or dislikes such as “for young people these days.”

Some people have a habit of saying that.

I want you to think about it.

Nothing will start even if you speak badly to a young man who has such a straight idea.

On the contrary, it should be imitated.

Because I have little experience in life, I will go straight on the path I believed in.

It’s something I can’t do because I know a lot about adulthood.

I have to emulate it.

Not because he has helped me a lot with this trip.

I usually wanted to emulate his posture.

The bus terminal is approaching.

As far as I can see, nearly 50 buses are waiting and I’m about to depart from India here in Agra.

Where is the bus we saw in the daytime?

I can’t see it from here because it’s still far away.

And because it’s dark, I don’t know what kind of bus it is.

The driver turned to us and thumbs up.

We arrived.

We thought it was such a sign and we nodded and thumbed up.

The auto-rickshaw stopped at the parking lot and we paid the driver.

He looked happy.

And he said something to us.

I couldn’t hear the engine sound of the buses around me, but I pointed at the distance.

We looked in that direction.

The bus to Delhi was waiting.

Our tension has risen.

Finally, I thanked the driver and ran up to the bus.

“I was waiting”

The bus driver told us something like that.

For now, I can go to Delhi.

Somehow my feelings have risen.

India is not abandoned.

Looking from above, I thought so.

The bus leaves.

Speaking of which, the question when I saw this bus in the daytime broke my head.

The window is strange because of the old bus.

I had that impression.

When I sat down in the seat, the answer to that question came out.

I can’t close all the windows.

It’s a little vacant.

The people in the other seats were bringing blankets as if they knew it.

I had a bad feeling.

It was cold outside.

It takes about 4 hours from here to Delhi.

If it gets cold and the outside air comes in, it may freeze.

I’m wearing a UNIQLO thin down.

Kite is the only hoodie.

Are you alright?

I wanted to think so, but I wonder if I can reach Delhi with this thin down.

I was worried.

The bus that departed runs through the city.

Then the front door is opened and a man who seems to be a tour operator shouts, “Delhi‼ ︎ Delhi‼ ︎”.

The Indian who seems to have been riding outside is raising his hand, but the bus does not stop.

Those who want to ride will run and jump at the speed of this bus.

And unlike the bus from Jaipur, it didn’t slow down so everyone could barely catch up.

Somehow about 10 Indians got on board.

When he thought he had no more seats, the man who seemed to be a tour operator closed the door.

And then we entered the main street and the speed became faster.

As the speed increased, outside air came in through the windows and the inside of the car became extremely cold.

We were cold and shivering.

Can we endure in this for another four hours?

India should be hot though.

Only today?

It is not.

It’s so cold that every 100 people freeze to death.

To tell the proper information, Japan is colder.

However, not everyone here is satisfied with food, clothing and housing.

Many people are trying to get past this winter with a piece of cloth.

Those people will freeze to death.

It’s normal for them to die because it’s so cold when I wore down.

Unfortunately I can’t do anything to them.

I’m all about myself now.

Anyway it’s cold.

I’m just about my thigh.

I wonder if I haven’t arrived yet.

I just started.

I regretted having taken this bus.

to be continued.