Different culture and baptism NO.5

Different culture


What is my current body temperature?

I have lost my sense of fingertips.

It’s the same feeling as when I hit the ball with batting practice in high school baseball.

I don’t know the pain, cold, or heat.

It’s just Jean.

Especially the toes of the toes are suspicious.

Blood flow does not improve as much as I move my toes in my shoes.

It may have been about two hours since the bus departed from Agra.

Is it okay to leave it like this for another two hours?

I’m really anxious.

The scenery was pitch black after the evening.

This bus runs on the country road.

Is the bus driver all right?

Isn’t he taking a nap?

It’s a country road that no one will probably notice even if you crash into the front road or roll over to the side road due to a steering wheel mistake.

Maybe it will be news tomorrow.

Until then no one will come to help.

If I were saved, I might have to walk to Delhi.

Only unpleasant images are born.

Because there is no good image from the beginning and the driving of this bus is too rough.

As a kid, I didn’t like to go out in a car.

Because I vomit so often.

For some reason my father’s driving was rough.

I also didn’t like the smell of other people’s cars.

Especially the smell of new cars made me nauseous.

I didn’t want to vomit when I got on it.

But for some reason I liked the buses, whose floors were made of wood.

I don’t know where to draw the line, but I really liked it.

I don’t hate making this bus because it is an old bus of that time, but I can’t drive it.

Anyway, I want you to arrive early.

I hoped so.

If you want to move so fast, why not fly?

I think so now, and I think I should.

How to get an airplane ticket is also miraculously taken.

I had a credit card, but I never used it.

He was a small person who believed in cash only or what he could see.

Originally I didn’t believe that I wasn’t convinced that I was so reluctant to use my credit card that I could inadvertently check the withdrawal amount or withdraw a lot.

Fees were also one of the reasons for resistance.

Will it really work with such a point card?

I always thought so.

By the way, I haven’t checked my luggage since yesterday.

Take a look inside a small bag hanging from your neck.

Good passport.

Good Indian Rupee.

The Japanese yen is good.

Good credit card.



The credit card is weird.

It must have been a silver card.

Did you bring a yellow and blue card?

This was a TSUTAYA T-point card.

I brought it because I thought it was a credit card, but I brought a TSUTAYA card.

How many are there now?

If I ran out of money, I had no choice but to use a credit card.

This is bad.

I have to stop using it.

Entrance fee, meal fee, and hotel fee for auto-rickshaw and each facility.

I’ve been using it unexpectedly.

Considering that you first pay a high price by taxi or bus, it is very dangerous.

If you look inside the bag, you can still see 10,000 rupees and 20,000 yen of Japanese yen.

But suddenly I became scared.

It would be difficult if all the money in here was stolen.

This is not Japan.


I have become more alert.

It seems that everyone is aiming for this money.

That wasn’t the case, but I thought so.

When I looked out the window, somehow a streetlight came out and I could see it brightly.

Probably it came into the city of Delhi.

The streets are gradually becoming more and more like towns and neon lights are becoming visible.

The number of people has increased.

Have you finally arrived?

I haven’t arrived yet, but I’m a little relieved.

Don’t be discouraged.

This is a foreign country.

Not Japan.

But it’s cold.

It hurts rather than numbness in the fingertips.

I’m not gout.

Is Kite all right?

I couldn’t afford to worry about people because I was always full of myself.

It seems that a little extra space was created by entering the city.

I looked at Kite.

It was frozen like me.

Maybe he was young and had good blood circulation.

“I want you to arrive early, this is the limit of the cold.”

Kite said so.

“Me too”

I was a little addicted to traffic, but it wasn’t moving, so it was okay to not get cold air from the outside.

I moved little by little and came to the bus stop.

It’s dark and I’m not sure, but I think it’s probably the same bus stop that departed on the first day.

Everyone went out ahead of us, but we were waiting a little.

The reason is that even in this kind of crowd, things often disappear or drop, which often causes problems later.

Everyone went out and finally we went out.

Everyone should have gone out but a few people were waiting for us.

Maybe a taxi or an autorickshaw call.

I felt like that.

But when I went outside, it was different.

Several people are holding out their hands toward us and making faces asking for money.

I don’t need words.

You can see it in that face.

I didn’t have much room.

Because I forgot my credit card in Japan.

I can’t give it to everyone.

Moreover, only small change.

Neither me nor Kite gave you that much.

I don’t know if they can live that day with that money

I hurried ahead without feeling guilty that I couldn’t give much or superiority that I gave it.

Getting used to it was scary and the culture shock was gone.

Humans are like that.

There should have been a main street about 30 minutes walk from here.

Let’s find a hotel.

We walked through Delhi at night.

to be continued.