Different culture and baptism NO.6

Different culture

We are now looking for a hotel in the darkness of Delhi.

As I walked, it became brighter and closer to the main street.

I think there will be some hotels in it.

I haven’t made a reservation.

I feel like I’m vacant today?

That’s the case with him, and I have that stance.

Is it a country like this so can it work?

I can’t enter in other countries because I don’t have a reservation. What do you say?

I don’t know that.

For the time being, this stance seems to work in India.

As soon as I came to the main street, it became lively.

Taxi, auto-rickshaw, restaurant and other tourists are approaching us.

However, there is no important hotel visitor.

I don’t have a very good image of bargaining.

Even in Japan, it attracts customers and starts sales.

I’ve never had a good impression in a pub or cabaret club.

Probably so here.

This is India, not Japan.

However, somehow, there is an instinct that he should not follow a customer.

Their job is to bring customers to the store.

I know that.

I don’t criticize their work in Japan or India.

It’s just that the image of my bargaining is not good.

It seems that Kite was the same.

Even if you call out to them, they are almost ignored.

I don’t think this is rude to the other person.

If you were called out and talked for a moment and you didn’t enter the store, that would be rude and you and your partner would have time to lose.

They don’t have time to lose each other and they can switch immediately.

It’s just my feeling, but you can ignore it.

After a short walk on the main street, there was a large space on the right side and there was a stall, and the Autorickshaw driver was absent.

I wonder if there is such demand.

There are too many drivers.

There was a lot of signboards written as “HOTEL” in the back.

We walked towards the hotel with the eyes of the Autorickshaw drivers.

The hotel with the largest sign was expensive.

2000 rupees!

It impossible.

“It’s okay with a credit card.”

He said so, but I didn’t have a credit card.

Kite said it was too expensive to go elsewhere.

We looked for another hotel.

I went around a lot, but it is expensive because it is the capital city Delhi.

It’s more expensive than I expected.

Will only time pass as it is?

I went into a hotel that wasn’t very beautiful even for a flattery.

Let’s listen to it.

The price said by the front guy is 500 rupees.

Ah, good.

I thought so.

Kite nodded as if he thought it was the only place here.

I confirmed that two rooms were vacant.

As expected, two people in one room are hard.

You must have thought so.

If it’s a dormitory, there aren’t only two people yet.

For the time being, I was able to confirm that there was a room, and it was when I handed my passport and asked for a copy.

The copy machine is broken.

“I will keep my passport until tomorrow morning.”

The shopkeeper said so.

Me and Kite said they would be in trouble if they didn’t give them back now, and they dabbled.

Why is the copy machine in a hotel in this country broken?

That’s a problem.

We cannot prove ourselves without this passport.

This passport is the only one you can count on when you run into any trouble.

There was a dispute for a while, but in the end I decided to leave my passport.

I suppose they don’t trust us just as we don’t trust them.

That was strongly conveyed.

“Anyway, we’ve secured a room, so let’s leave our luggage and go out for dinner.”

I said so and went to the room.

As in Jaipur, this room is not bad here either.

I checked all the rooms and went to the lobby.

Kite came later and said.

“Did you get hot water?”


By the way, I didn’t confirm it.

“The hot water didn’t come out.”

That’s terrible.

I thought that I could finally get to the hotel and take a warm shower after freezing in the bath in this cold weather, but it was a water shower again.

I was giving up half.

“Is this the reason why it was cheap?”

Kite said so hard.

I thought so too.

it’s no use.

I chose such a hotel.

No matter what I say, it doesn’t start.

Kite said that there is a restaurant run by a Japanese, so I want to go there.

I decided to nod.

After walking for a while, I arrived at a small restaurant.

It’s a small restaurant.

A Japanese woman came out and responded.

I think your husband was Indian.

My memory is vague around here.

I think it was a Japanese dinner made with local ingredients.

Anmitsu came out in the dessert.

There is free WiFi here and Kite asked the owner for the password.

To tell the truth, I didn’t know WiFi at this time.

I never thought that I could connect to the internet for free, so hotels I had never had to worry about, so I only had a smartphone as an emergency.

By the way, I understood that Kite and Sachi were watching smartphones at a hotel in Jaipur because they could connect to the internet.

“Why did you come to India for such a high ticket price?”

Kite asked me with a strange look.

“There was this ticket on the HIS site on the internet, so there was no reason to just select it.”

After saying that, Kite showed me the screen of my smartphone.

“This app will find you the cheapest one at Skyscanner.”

I think it was a light blue airplane mark app.

The cheapest ticket from Narita to Delhi that he showed me was 48,000 yen.


I inadvertently said so.

“From now on, you should use this app.”

Kite said, but my journey ends here.

I thought so, so I listened in half.

I’m sorry if I think about it now.

When the meal was over and I went back to the hotel, a boy came out from behind the shopkeeper’s woman.

Is it about elementary school?

He seems to understand a little Japanese.

“It’s too late, so this kid will send me to the hotel.”

The woman said so.


I wondered if the boy was more dangerous, but decided to follow him.

Unlike the way we came, we didn’t make any detours.

It was so close.

We were impressed with the boy.

Speaking of which, I realized that I had some money in my pocket.

I tried to give this money to the boy as a tip, but the boy didn’t receive it.

It was my first time.

I didn’t receive the tip.

This is probably my parents’ education.

I felt that this education would change the life of a child.

Even if he is not wealthy, he keeps what his parents say.

Had I been this boy I would have received a tip.

No, I don’t.

I thought this boy’s future would be bright.

After arriving at the hotel, we made a promise for tomorrow.

At 8 o’clock in the lobby I’ll meet you in the lobby.

After that, we split up into each room to eat breakfast and to visit Delhi.

I was lying because I was tired and I fell asleep.

to be continued.