Different culture and baptism NO.7

Different culture

I was tired.

Not a work fatigue but a culture shock in a foreign country and an action with the person whom I met for the first time.

I had never had such an experience.

Although I was a little tired when I traveled around the country, I have never been so tired.

But somehow I didn’t hate it.

Basically I didn’t like to interact with people.

I was almost alone when I took a holiday in Japan.

I wanted to feel free.

I’m self-satisfied, but I’m happy with that.

Since coming to India this time, I’m honestly tired from meeting people I can’t usually meet and acting together, but new feelings are emerging.

I feel that people with a completely different age and sense of values ​​show us a world like never before.

I don’t think all this will work.

I also know that it can lead to trouble.

Especially if this is a business.

However, there are many things to learn from Kite and Sachi this time.

Is this what a journey is like?

I was planning to act alone all the time, so I thought maybe this encounter was a coincidence.

I think it’s fate and I have to take it.

I really appreciate this encounter.

I was drowsy in bed thinking about such a thing.

It’s 6:30 in the morning.

I’m going to take a shower and relax a bit before joining Kite and sightseeing in Delhi.

Let’s take a shower first.

Speaking of which, you said that there is no hot water.

There are things in Jaipur, so I’ll give it a try.

If you try various things, the hot water will come out.

I immediately undressed and took a shower.

But here is India.

It turned into water in about 2 minutes.

After that, it remains water no matter how many times you try again.

If you’ve done this far

Let’s put up with water.

The morning in Delhi is cold.

It was written as 1 ℃ on my smartphone.

The water shower in this is nice.

For the time being, I wiped my body and put on my underwear immediately after taking a patience.

After a while wearing jeans and a fleece, I’m not sure, but I found that my body temperature rose from the core of my body.

It’s shiny, though not so sweaty.

Did the water shower have this effect?

When I was arranging my luggage, it was already 7:40 am and I was close to the time I had promised with Kite.

I took my luggage and asked the shopkeeper to return my passport in the lobby.

The owner gave me two passports from my desk and gave them to me.

It’s past 8 o’clock but Kite doesn’t come.

What there was wonder.

I worried and knocked on Kite’s room door.

After a while, I opened the door, making a sudden rushing noise.

It sounded the same as when I was late for work.

“I’m sorry. I overslept.”

Kite said with a perfect waking face.

“It’s okay at all, please prepare slowly.”

For the time being, I handed my passport and returned to my room.

When Kite knocks on my room door and I leave with my luggage

“Why not stay here for another night?”

I said so.

I don’t care at all.

Kite seems to have been troublesome to find a hotel because luggage is an obstacle in today’s sightseeing.

Tomorrow early morning, Kite goes to Delhi airport and goes to Mumbai.

So goodbye tonight.

Putting your luggage here will make sightseeing easier.

We asked the shopkeeper if we could stay overnight.


The shopkeeper nodded, saying so.

We put the backpack in the room, got light, and went out.

10:00 am

First, look for a restaurant to have breakfast.

For some reason there was no restaurant in this hotel and I looked for the rooftop of another hotel.

“It’s written about restaurants and hotels, so it’s fine here.”

I pointed to a nearby hotel.

If you go to the hotel and go to the rooftop, there’s no one but a clerk.

Is it alright.

Though I thought so, I ordered ginger honey lemon tea and a breakfast set.

60 rupees.

Isn’t it cheap?

I think the taste is okay.

The clerk brought breakfast.

It’s delicious when you eat it while feeling anxious.

I don’t mean it should be high.

I thought

It was a lot of breakfast, but after we finished it, we decided to go to our next destination.

The places I want to visit are Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Delhi Gate, Ark Charderm Temple and Jama Masjid.

Do you want to go all this?

It seems that Kite thinks he can go.

Let’s go.


There is no reason to go there, but I feel like going for the time being.

That’s important.

First of all, Red Fort.

Also known as Lal Killer.

I have seen it in a book and I just wanted to come.

I negotiated with a nearby Autorickshaw driver for 50 rupees.

Somehow it’s cheap.

When I thought about it that way, I quickly got up.

After all was it?

That’s cheap.

We entered Red Fort.

It’s a little foggy, but it’s a big castle that’s big enough to easily remind you that it was dominant in this area.

I paid the entrance fee and went inside, and it looked like a beautiful royal site.

I think it costs a lot of money.

It would be hard to just care for the garden.

The people here are all high-income people, and the people who spend a single piece of cloth outside are probably poor.

It’s cruel to have such a different life when you are born.

I wish there was no caste system.

I thought so.

In this, we were acting differently, and we decided to meet when it was a certain amount of time.

I can’t take pictures like magazines because of the fog.

No matter how many times I take it, it doesn’t work.

Maybe it’s not my fault, it’s my arm.

I wanted to take better and more beautiful pictures.

I took quite a few shots here.

It took a long time to look around because the site is large.

However, because the same scenery continues, I got tired of it immediately.

I went around and found Kite, so I joined.

“Let’s go next”

I said so.

Next is Qutub Minar.

I’m not familiar with maps, but it’s surprisingly close.

What’s more, this time he will go by subway instead of Autorickshaw.

It’s amazing that there is a subway in this country.

We went down the stairs from the nearby subway sign to the ticket office.

We were lined up, but there is no one in line and we are crossing in sideways.

We somehow did not like these people, and proceeded while guarding with a spirit that we could never go before.

I used to watch them on TV, but they are not in line.

Perhaps people who are well educated may line up.

However, there is no senior class including me here.

You have to fight in this line to buy a ticket.

And it was our turn.

From the point of view from the beginning, when you look at the people who sell tickets here, it seems that you are fooling your change every time.

Then, after being pointed out, I think you are finally fishing.

It’s not good.

The amount of money I paid for should change.

But I won’t pay.

He poked his index finger in front of him and he gave me a change.

This is normal.

It’s normal in Japan.

But this is India.

It doesn’t work normally in Japan.

I felt that if I didn’t do such things one by one, my money would run out.

This may be one of the causes of tiredness.

it’s no use.

After coming here, I have no choice but to live according to the rules here.

However, the place to negotiate must be firm.

Feeling that way, I walked toward the home.

The train has arrived.

It’s surprisingly beautiful.

I was a little impressed.

Go to Qutub Minar station.

Many Indians are watching us.

Is it unusual?

Since there are many tourists, it should not be rare.

There are no foreigners using the train around.

Is it unusual to be on the train?

Everyone’s gaze was a little painful.

I am a foreigner here.

That’s obvious.

We got off at the target station in about 10 minutes.

After going up the stairs and walking a little, there was an entrance.

Somehow normal.

When I looked only at the entrance, it felt like that.

Ignoring the children’s sellers and moving forward, there was an entrance gate and a place to buy tickets.

We bought a ticket, and when we went inside, there were some tall towers and graves, and it was a place where we could feel some history.

I was especially interested in the black steel tower surrounded by low fences.

It hasn’t been rusted for about 100 years since it was installed here.

If it is ordinary iron, it should be removed because it is rusty and dangerous, but this is still there.

I don’t know the reason why it is pure.

It’s different if it’s plated, but it’s not like that.

If modern scientists elucidate this, there will be new discoveries in the iron industry.

At least it was interesting to me as I worked on iron to earn a salary.

I hadn’t studied it with a book in advance, so I didn’t know what it was made for, but I knew that someone was enshrined.

Was it about an hour?

“Let’s go next”

Kite said and walked outside.

“Let’s go to Delhi Gate”

What is the Delhi Gate?

I can’t imagine it at all.

Kite showed me a picture of the book.

Isn’t the gate of the country of somewhere completely removed?

I thought so.

And when I went, it was small.

And it seems that a lot of police are out and can’t go inside.

It seems that there was an incident here yesterday.

I couldn’t ask what the incident was, but I could only see it from a distance.

“Let’s go.”

I said

I’m glad I could see it for the time being, but I had no feelings here.

The next place I would like to visit is Ark Charderm Temple.

It seems that you can’t go there unless you are an auto rickshaw.

It seemed a little far away and asked me for 200 rupees.

We got on because we wanted to go early.

I ran through the city of Delhi and went a little far from the city.

You can see a big temple in the distance.

I pointed to the temple and asked, “What?”

“Maybe so”

Kite said while looking at the book.

It’s probably the biggest temple I’ve ever seen.

While looking sideways at the crowd of people, Haute Rikshire arrived at the temple.

to be continued.