Different culture and baptism NO.8

Different culture

what’s that? This big temple.

There is a wonderful temple in front of you.

But not so famous.

Ark Chardham Temple.

At least I didn’t know at all.

It is a temple with a relatively shallow history, which is a little far from Delhi.

Many people are lined up.

Let us line up as well.

I was checked in my luggage before I lined up so I checked it.

Is it lined up for about 30 minutes?

As soon as it was our turn, the Indian guy in charge suddenly spoiled my bag.

I returned again and rearranged.

I waited for about 1 hour in total before finally putting in.

There was a lot of space that seemed useless on a fairly large site.

When you reach the temple, your shoes are taken off.

It was said that photography was prohibited inside the temple.

Unfortunately I couldn’t leave a photo.

We took a breath in this large temple to make it too big and luxurious.

Beautiful and big.

And I went out with the question that it might be impossible to make it only with national money, no matter how much I made.

I think it was around 30 minutes.

Still, I didn’t get bored at all.

When we go outside and look at the other side, there is a place like a food court, and everyone is having fun eating.

We decided to eat lunch too.

I wonder what is there.

As you can see, hot dogs, curries, and other drinks are as good as in Japan.

I don’t feel like a temple.

Well, it ’s good because it ’s usually delicious.

We got out after a late lunch.

However, such a cheap food court next to such a beautiful temple.

If it is a developed country, we should think about something such as having a meeting and constructing it so as not to destroy the atmosphere of the temple, but people do not care even in this way.

Rather, it may be that it’s easy to be nearby.

If the culture is different, the shape and layout of the building and the way people are accommodated will also be completely different.

At first, I was sick of this, but now I accept it.

It can’t be helped.

No matter what we say, nothing sounds to them.

If so, I think we should rather enjoy this situation.

I think so now.

I’m glad I came to this temple honestly.

It was a short time but I enjoyed it.

Why not so famous?

I think it is as good a building as the Taj Mahal.

Probably because it has a short history.

For now, let’s leave here and go to the next destination.

There was an auto rickshaw outside, but everyone was fluttering high.

We talked to an Autorickshaw bike guy at the far end called Cyclikisha.

His asking price was cheap.

We got on

There is quite a slope from here to the city area of ​​Delhi.

Is it okay to ride a bicycle?

We had a little regret.

He is diving hard.

However, it does not progress at all.

I’m standing still, but I can’t make any progress.

Isn’t it finally getting off the bicycle and pushing?

It is being pulled out more and more by the surrounding auto-rickshaw.

I was a little frustrated.

Push it fast.

I saw him like that.

And when the slope was over, we got off.

He asked me to go above the initial asking for it was difficult.

I can’t do that.


It was too late for us to see how difficult he was, so I wanted him to get a discount.

I was wondering whether his difficulty and our satisfaction were so different.

Kite paid him, but he looked unhappy.

At this time I decided.

I have to ride a bicycle type guy.

We headed for the city of Delhi in search of another haute rickshaw.

We next headed to a stall street called Chandny Chalk and a temple called Jammer Masjit.

The time is already 4pm.

Jammer Masjit seems to be open until 5 pm, but I am not sure what will happen because it is New Year.

Let’s go for the time being.

After running for a while, there was a Chandley choke.

There is a temple if you go straight here with a lot of people.

Various people call out.

Will it mean to buy it?

I didn’t have much money so I left it off.

Shoes are probably fake, and so are jackets and shirts.

I walked through this crowd and proceeded to the temple.

It was a little late, but I managed to arrive.

A lot of people came out of the temple when I went up the stairs.


Is it closed?

We confirmed with the person in charge that today is the end.

it can not be helped. We were sitting on the front stairs for a while.

The sky was getting darker and we decided to go back to the hotel once.

I took Auto Rickshire to the hotel and headed for the main street.

We arrived at the hotel, paid the Autorickshaw driver, and entered the hotel.

Once relaxed

We went out again looking for dinner.

I went into the restaurant on the rooftop of another hotel and asked for egg curry and butternan and ginger honey lemon tea.

Kite looks like that again.

There is no loss in this menu.

I’ve always thought this was fine.

Kite will go to Mumbai tomorrow morning.

I was a little lonely, but I was swearing myself tomorrow on the 1st tomorrow.

Kite-kun really helped me.

I think it’s hard to say thank you.

I was kind enough to show my experience to my uncle who came without a plan and I learned a lot.

I don’t think I will do such a trip again this time.

For the time being, tomorrow I’ll be alone, so let’s do our best.

Kite is waiting for another journey.

I can only pray for the safety of the trip.

In my bag I had two boxes of calorie mate I had bought for emergency food.

I’ll give this to you, Kite.

I don’t need it.

Kite said, “Is that okay?”, But considering what you did for me, it was such a cheap thing and I really wanted to thank you in a different way.

After eating, we returned to the hotel.

“Thank you so far. I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning.”

Yes Kite said I

“Thank you for everything. Be careful.”

I said.

He returned to the room and I returned to the room.

After taking a shower and sleeping a little, I woke up and was worried that Kite was awake.

Around 4 am, there was a rattling noise from the next room and the sound of opening the door.

I just listened to his footsteps going out without speaking.

Was good.

I started for the time being.

From now on, Kite will continue traveling in Mumbai alone, and I will travel in Delhi alone for one day.

Kite has a story for Kite and I have a story for me.

I think it’s difficult, but I want you to do your best.

I also decided to do my best alone.

I woke up again and woke up at 7am.

I prepared to take another shower and go out.

8 am

I go out

This time I couldn’t put a bag in the hotel so I was carrying a heavy backpack and trying to have breakfast.

The shop is open early in the morning and Indians call me.

In front of the store, a girl fills the basin with water to wash her hair.

Looking around, many girls wash their hair.

The temperature of my smartphone is 1 ℃.

That’s amazing.

I couldn’t say anything and only came out with these words.

Leaving Main Street, I wanted to eat something local.

It’s not close to open air, but it’s close to it.

If you ate it now and your stomach hurts, it’s okay to go home already.

That’s how I decided to enter the local dining room.

I ordered egg curry, butternan, and ginger honey lemon tea.


From the Japanese perspective, it is a dirty dining room.

However, I felt like I could eat it.

After all, there was no mistake in the cafeteria where Indians gather.

It looks a little bad.

But the taste is good.

If there are many people gathering in a restaurant that isn’t so beautiful in Japan but the restaurant is thriving, there’s always a reason.

I think so.

I think it’s useless for some people.

But it’s just right for a working class person like myself.

The big story is that if you have this, you’ll be able to live.

Well, I never live there, but it’s a big story.

In this cold ginger honey lemon tea spills on your body.

In other words, it’s delicious.

It’s a drink you’ll want to try when you return to Japan.

I think the real pleasure of traveling is to develop such a place.

I am alone all day today.

You have to manage the negotiation and the destination by yourself.

Let’s try it somehow.

I paid 70 rupees to the shopkeeper and I went outside.

to be continued.