Different culture and baptism NO.9

Different culture

I was alone.

Ever since I came to India, I have been blessed with the friends of my travels and have come this far.

Their journey will continue.

My trip may end today.

But I’m here one more day.

I’ll try to go around Delhi somehow.

Where should i start?

I didn’t really understand because I had come without a plan.

Before I came, I checked the Taj Mahal and Delhi, the instrument store I went to when the Beatles came.

I decided to go to Riki Ram.

It seems to be in a small mall now.

I was on Auto Rickshire all the time, so I decided to walk.

I like taking a walk

Even on the same trip, passing by bus or just seeing the scenery on Auto Rickshire is not so impressive.

The place where I made my footprints is memorable.

When I happened to remember, I always remember where I walked with my feet.

Let’s walk as much as possible.

I went to the mall for the time being.

There is a big cinema.

Is Indian entertainment a movie watching?

I’m not sure what Indians are crazy about and get rid of stress.

Perhaps watching a movie is an entertainment.

There aren’t many people because it’s still early in the morning, but I feel like only dogs are looking around.

I was aiming for a white mall while being careful with my dog.

A little while ago, I had the courage to ask the passerby Indian.

“Whuuuueerreee thaaaaeee RiikKhhhhhkkkkkiiii Raaaammuuuu?”

He said it was in a white mall.


If this was the case, it would be safe to assume that it was understood.

It was written in various magazines.

No one asked the Indians how to reach their destination.

I’m a little worried.

Still, since there is only that information, I walked towards the white mall.

I saw a little white building.

It’s not pure white, but I think it’s a white mall for the time being.

“Is that it?”

It’s a soliloquy.

No one can answer me anymore.

But soliloquy will increase.

I’m telling myself.

It is self-contained.

Isn’t it still good?

Originally I was alone in Japan.

Something is written.

Riki Ramm.

Is this this?

For the time being, what the passers-by Indians were saying was correct.

It says “close”.

I can’t put it inside.

I thought it wasn’t open because it was too early.

Then what should I do?

There is nothing special I want to see.

The reason is that the place I went to with Kite yesterday was approved as Delhi tourism.

The sightseeing spots introduced by the inn owner were also such places.

Let’s go there again.

I looked around and searched for Autorickshaw.

If it were true, I would like to walk, but there is no map.

However, looking around, there is no auto rickshaw.

Where did you go even though there were so many main streets?

I asked the passerby again.

“Uhhhhhh Red Fort?”

I heard that he pretended to be a little worried

“Over there”

I pointed to the right side.

I thank you, but I wondered what the pretending concern was.

Well good.

For the time being, the target direction was decided, so I walked.

If there is an auto-rickshaw, stop it and put it on.

After walking for a while, daily life in Delhi comes into view.

Do ordinary people walk like this to go to work?

Very few people have a car.

Why are these people sitting here and talking?

There is no bench.

With that in mind, I try to observe the everyday life of Indians.

It’s surprisingly fun.

When I go to Tokyo etc. in Japan, I sit on a bench and observe people.

It’s not a strange hobby.

I’d like to see what kind of behavior and what kind of people I interact with.

Although I don’t sit on the bench, I enjoyed walking and seeing everyday life different from Japan.

Of course I also take pictures.

Is this a snapshot?

Take pictures of people’s daily lives.

This is also very good.

Let’s try it when we return to Japan.

Let’s consider taking a photo today.

Jaipur and Agra were all about keeping up with them.

There were also parts that were shocked by the culture of a foreign country.

Let’s stay calm and leave where we are walking.

I took all the scenery I liked while walking.

Some people are shy and some pose when they point the lens at the general public.

Some people told me to take a picture and then show me the screen.

I was trying to take a beautiful view.

Before coming to India, I used to look at magazine landscape photos.

But I was also interested in photographs that could only be taken when people and scenery were mixed.

Surprisingly no one has a bad face.

Many people have a slightly stiff face.

Maybe I’ll be stiff.

I don’t want you to shoot it or say it’s stiff.

Whatever I say, it’s good to shoot, but I don’t like being filmed.

A selfish man.

Even so, there is no auto rickshaw.

Is there a strike?

I wonder if I’m a little behind the scenes.

People are gone.

Maybe it’s New Year. it can not be helped.

Let’s go straight.

After a while, when I left the main street, I finally saw Autorickshaw.

I raised my hand and called Autorickshaw.

He came soon.

And when I say “Red Fort”

“200 rupees,” he said.

I don’t know if it’s expensive or cheap, but for the time being

Eh, it’s expensive.

Make a face like

Then he

“OK. 150 rupees.”

I said so.


Out of price.

Rather than say, if you want to reduce prices so easily, don’t sprinkle it from the beginning.

It’s free to say.


But it’s such a country, so it can’t be helped.

Let’s accept.

The scenery flowed and I arrived at Red Fort.

“You came yesterday.”

I said soliloquy.

Pay the entrance fee and get in.

This is the same as yesterday, but I will take a picture that I could not take yesterday.

Even today, I can’t take pictures like those in a clear magazine due to fog.

It’s not the weather.

Because of my arm.

Actually, I could have taken it if I had a better camera and better lenses.

I think so, but that’s not the case.

There are some photographers who take better photos with Iphone.

What’s the excuse for having an SLR in it?

That kind of thing makes me think about the future.

Let’s take a picture for the time being.

Maybe it will be a good photo when you look back later.

Let’s shoot as much as we can.

One hour has already passed since I entered Red Fort.

Let’s get out.

I decided to go on the same route as yesterday so I went outside.

There were a lot of auto rickshaws outside and everyone was looking at me.

I hadn’t looked so much before coming to Red Fort, but I don’t know why I’m here.

Was it a popular place?

Well good.

Let’s get on for the time being.

By the way, I asked a passer by the way before I came to Red Fort, but it was the opposite.

Is it intentional?

I heard it well, but are Indians really a liar?

I don’t think so for now, but I don’t know.

Let’s talk again when we have the opportunity.

Next is Ark Chardham Temple.

The driver doesn’t understand at all whether my pronunciation is bad.

I’ve been shaking my head forever.

No matter how many times I say it.

Why is that.

Eventually another driver came and told me.

“It’s closed today.”


For real?

I don’t want to lie to you because these people are also in business.

That’s why I believed their words.

Then what should I do?

Let’s make Qutub Minar.

From here I really want to use the subway, but I’m already sitting on the seat.

it can not be helped.

“Qutub Minar”

I said

He nodded and started.

I felt close to the subway, but how far is it actually?

I forgot one thing.

Price negotiation.

It’s dangerous.

I don’t want to get in trouble after I’ve got on it.

It may be a little expensive, so let’s keep it quiet.

An anxious auto-rickshaw is running through Delhi.

to be continued.