Returned to reality NO.2

Returned to reality

I’m about to take a train.

The thinking circuit has stopped so much that I don’t want to think about which train to take and how to return.

For the time being, I bought hot milk tea at the vending machine and headed for Ueno.

I love milk tea.

I buy it every time I go to a convenience store.

I know it’s useless in terms of spending.

I also know that it’s cheaper and easier to make by yourself when you’re at home.

But for some reason I end up drinking this milk tea.

Is it addiction?

Perhaps I’m wondering if I can afford this money because I don’t smoke.

It’s a waste.

It’s good for the time being because I’m satisfied with my satisfaction, but I don’t think I can keep this salary for a long time, and it will be hard if I’m used to spending money like this when I get married.

Well I’m not married

When I was looking at the scenery, I remembered the time when I was going.

The feeling of anxiety dominated most of the time, and the tension became strange, and I was watching through the glass to see if the backpack looked good.

On the way back, I was in a state where my thought circuit was down, I didn’t want to do anything, and I couldn’t do anything.

The only thing I can do is drink milk tea.

I felt that the scenery was gradually changing from the countryside to the city and was getting closer to Ueno.

I used to long for the city and now I think the countryside is not bad either.

I wonder if there are many such people.

Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture, my hometown, cannot be flattered to be a city.

So I was longing for the city.

When I was a student, I took a train to Tokyo and bought a little if I had a little money.

I bought it in Tokyo.

It might have been one status for me.

But now there aren’t many things you can buy without going to Tokyo.

It’s reached in less than a week on a convenient EC site, and it’s the time when you can get more today with one search word.

It is a common story that if you missed the wave of those times and realized that you had lost some chance.

I think that I was able to go out and experience various things this time.

I used a little courage, but this time I think it was good.

I arrived at Keisei Ueno.

Ueno Station is a short walk from Shinobazu Exit.

Carrying a heavy backpack I walked to the station.

How many people there are on the day off!

When I come to Tokyo for a long time, I am overwhelmed.

The people who live here are tough.

What are people doing so much together?

What is the purpose?

I didn’t understand.

I didn’t really know what I was aiming for here on the train.

While hitting many people, cross the sidewalk and enter Ueno Station.

“I’m tired, so let’s go home on the Shinkansen.”

I said that alone.

There was 10,000 yen in the small bag I hung from my neck.

Is it about 5,000 yen to Takasaki?

I wanted to return early and take a rest, rather than about money.

I bought a Shinkansen ticket and headed home.

There was a kiosk on the way and I bought some sweets.

I bought hot milk tea again at the vending machine and waited for the Shinkansen at home.

Chocolate and potato chips.

And I didn’t eat lunch so I bought a sandwich.

This alone costs nearly 1,000 yen.


Everything in Japan costs money.

For that you have to work.

I live in such a social composition.

I wanted to come back from India and immerse myself in a little lingering sound, but it was returned to reality here.

Take the Shinkansen and take a seat.

I was worried that I could sit because it was a non-reserved seat, but few people were unexpectedly riding.

You can relax for about an hour.

Since the Shinkansen started running, I’m eating sandwiches and sweets while watching my smartphone.

After all I can relax.

I never slept, but I felt comfortable and relaxed.

I am Japanese so I think Japan is good.

I know that.

But this trip was exciting and good.

That is definitely true.

One hour is early and I arrived at Takasaki in no time.

I have to go back from here to Maebashi Oshima with the Ryomo Line.

Approximately 1 hour if you wait here and ride to Maebashi Oshima station.

Isn’t it the same as the Shinkansen?

Buy time for money.

I used to say that.


I walked from Maebashi Oshima station to my room for about 30 minutes.

I wanted to relax in the room, but let’s go see my parents’ house.

I got out with my car key.

It was getting a little dim.

I turned on the car engine and ran toward my parents’ house.

to be continued.