Returned to reality NO.4

Returned to reality

At the end of the morning morning assembly at the company, each was going to each department to start work.

Everyone knew I was going to India during the winter vacation.

The image of India that everyone has and the feeling I actually went through were a little different, but they were almost the same.

It has various images such as being dirty, having a bad smell, being tricked, lying, and lying.

Yes, but not all Indians.

There are many people who have a higher level of awareness than ours and who have a solid education.

Above all, the two young people who were together felt a bright future.

I’m so jealous of what I am now.

I’m already 34 years old.

I am asked about my marriage and sometimes I ask myself if I should leave this job in the future.

Is it okay to keep this?

To be honest, I don’t have anything I want to do.

Even if he is thinking about re-employment, he is not a person who can directly help the world.

I know that.

I thought a lot, but I’m here now.

It means that I like the job of making things, and even if I have something else I want to do, I am still unable to act and remain as it is.

No matter how you plan it, staying here is the same.

There are probably many reasons why the environment is right and the company is well treated.

Maybe it’s because it’s easy.

It’s not so good, but it’s possible.

However, everyone is working hard at the work in front of them.

That is precious.

Manufacturing is a job that is rarely directly appreciated by people.

I know it’s useful, but I wonder how the recipients are happy with the product.

Especially our company is not a manufacturer.

It feels even more because the product is delivered to the manufacturer at the part level, not the finished product.

Whether you are grateful or not, you receive the same money.

But humans have a heart.

Emotions and relationships are important when working.

It’s missing, so I can make inorganic iron products every day.

Certainly when it comes to maniac, we have to change the processing method a little to make the same product depending on the state of iron and temperature.

If you go that far, you will be at a level where you can teach others as a person.

It’s not at a level where you have your own solution like me.

I think so, but for some reason, this clerk plays the role of putting together.

Not fun.

Sometimes I have to hit hard.

The other person will also feel uncomfortable, but the person he said is not so happy.

One day has passed with the feeling of floating in winter vacation.

Every year, but the first day doesn’t work.

Everyone will be the same.

This is what happens when you turn off halfway.

This is the current way of resting in Japan, so it can’t be helped.

Service industry people are more difficult.

There is no solid holiday.

I can’t.

I haven’t done that kind of work yet, but maybe it’s impossible.

I used to work at a ramen shop as a part-time job when I was in high school, but at that time I was a student, so I didn’t think about vacation.

I don’t think I’ll be able to do such a job anymore.

For the time being, let’s manage this holiday mood firmly.

I thought so while messing around with the camera and looking at a magazine of photographs.

to be continued.