Returned to reality NO.6

Returned to reality

I’m eating a green onion ball gyudon salad set at my home after work.

By the way, I had a dream.

Was to become a professional baseball player.

But I thought that I couldn’t get rid of it when I was in junior high school.

I thought it was a little different when I saw the players around me and the players of the same generation instead of giving up.

Some people continue to believe in their power and not give up.

I think it’s great.

I think it’s good to continue to believe in your power.

I couldn’t believe it.

I felt like I couldn’t do it for some reason.

The body reacts sensuously.

And it works just like that.

It can’t be done suddenly.

There are great players around me, but I cannot deny that my level is low.

If your level is low, try hard.

I couldn’t.

After all, I was sweet.

Such human beings are left behind even if they go out into society and start with Yeouido.

I knew that.

I’m not a special person.

An ordinary person.

I’m happy just to be normal.

I think I can make an effort from there and grow little by little.

I know it in my head.

But when it comes time, the body doesn’t listen.

He was a bad guy who was watching comics, playing slingshots and playing games.

He is still a bad person.

The progressive form is not good now.

I thought I wouldn’t live unless I had something that could differentiate me from others.

But I couldn’t quite do it.

I don’t think it’s interesting.

If you don’t devote your mind and body to something that you find interesting or fun, you cannot concentrate or grow.

I think it’s the same for work and hobbies.

I’m going to work hard.

I’m also enjoying my hobbies.

I’m going to do everything.

I know it myself.

This is halfway.

But I wonder if there is a positive one among these ideas.

I think I’m reasonably happy.

But what does it mean to think like this?

I think it’s human desire.

I want to be richer.

I want to be a person who is more valued by people.

I want to be more popular.

I want to become more famous.

Somewhere in my mind, I think this is the only negative idea for me.

Sometimes it’s good to accept my weaknesses, weaknesses, and the fact that I am nothing in this society.

I’m no matter how bad I am, no matter how hard I try.

It’s just me.

Compared to when I was a kid, my body and face have grown up, but I’m the only one who remembers those days.

No matter how much you deny yourself, no matter how big you look or look good, you are the only one who can escape from me.

You don’t have to think about running away.

All you have to do is accept it.

You don’t have to change, or you can try to change.

No matter how you look at it, I’m me, so I think I should do what I want to do.

You don’t have to be so excited.

Do what you want to do honestly.

This is my life.

In my hand, I have the camera book and smartphone I bought.

Let’s return early and look at this book.

I finished eating dinner and paid for it.

I went out, took a car, made a detour, and took a different road back to my room.

I don’t know what it means.

I just wanted to do that.

to be continued.