Returned to reality NO.7

Returned to reality

I often drink with my colleagues working at the factory.

On the way home from work, we gathered together and had a lively drink.

Especially on weekends.

The shoulder bag I always carry is a little big.

It’s not a new one, but it’s big enough to fit an SLR camera.

I’ve always had a camera in this bag since I came back from India.

So that I can take pictures anytime.

It was in when I was drinking with everyone.

“Did you go to India and have something changed?”

I was asked such a thing.

“Nothing special changes.”

“But it was a little different than I expected, it was interesting.”

I said so.

Then I took out the camera and had the photograph taken at that time.

Nobody said good.

Certainly I didn’t think I would shoot well at first.

I want to leave the way I walked.

I bought a camera just for that, but I wanted him to say it was good when I had people see it.

Too bad.

It seems that among all, going to India was far from the option of going alone.

I think so too.

That’s exactly what everyone said at first: dangerous, dirty and stinky.

But it was a new discovery that it was an attractive place.

I think it’s good for everyone to gather together for a drink at the end of work.

But this is always the same and you can’t grab something new.

Even if it is possible, it is difficult to find it in the same routine.

If you find something new in this difficult routine, it may be close to a treasure.

I’ve probably been drinking with everyone and haven’t discovered anything.

You can build a deeper relationship in the sense that you can talk and understand each other.

The company is built on everyone’s power.

It is not possible with my own power.

Everyone works together to make a profit.

You can share your salary from the profit.

My manager must think so.

Our president doesn’t treat people like robots.

A person I can respect.

Among them, they are growing up and living each other.

We are friends through work.

I’ve never thought this way.

I went to India, interacted with people, and felt a little kindness.

While maintaining a certain distance, I think it was a good relationship.

Since I always work on-site, I rarely come into contact with people.

I think it was a new experience.

But that trip ended and I returned to my normal life.

This is good.

I think I will never forget that trip, but from now on I will face this reality and live.

I work, enjoy my hobbies, and sometimes drink with friends.

Isn’t it so happy?

A little warmer days have come and it’s about time for cherry blossoms.

From my lens, the winter sky looked like blue.

If the scenery is different depending on the season, take a moment to take a picture of it.

I don’t think everything will work.

I wish I could take my own bad photos.

I really want to take good pictures.

But now I can’t.

From here on, you’ll get better little by little.

to be continued.