Returned to reality NO.8

Returned to reality

It’s cherry blossom season now.

It’s a little cold outside, but it’s a reason to go outside because you can see such a beautiful scenery.

Japanese love cherry blossoms.

It takes about 2 months in Japan.

If you look at it in a rural area, you can only see it for about two weeks.

Moreover, during that season, it will rain and cherry blossoms will fall.

For me, the cherry blossoms can be seen in satisfaction at the same place for a week.

Only one week can be seen in one year.

I think that such a limited time is also popular.

If the cherry blossoms can be seen anywhere in the year, it would not be so fascinating.

Of course, I also love cherry blossoms, so every year I go to a nearby park every night to monopolize the cherry blossoms at night.

I’m sure some people are saying the kind, but I don’t really care.

I actually shot the cherry blossoms with an SLR camera.


However, it does not look exactly what I expected.

After all it’s difficult.

I can’t get a good shot even if I take quite a few.

I had no choice but to return to my room and study the photo magazines.

It says that it is difficult to adjust the sensitivity due to the diaphragm.

I don’t know.

I was shooting in the basic auto mode.

Sometimes I thought it would be hard to take a picture when I put it in my bag because it became M without permission.

Let’s study a little.

I’m not sure how much my camera supports, but let’s see.

Shutter speed, aperture, ISO sensitivity.

This seems to hold the key.

To be honest, at first I didn’t understand what was written.

There were also photos showing comparisons with different settings.

The background is gradually blurred.

Is this the effect of the diaphragm?

It’s a bit grainy at night, but you can get a clearer picture by increasing the sensitivity.

Is this the effect of ISO sensitivity?

You can take pictures of moving objects as if you stopped the time, sometimes intentionally blurring the subject to take interesting things.

Is this the effect of shutter speed?

Anyway, I wanted to take beautiful pictures.

The larger the lens aperture, the better the overall view.

A faster shutter speed is better.

The lower the ISO sensitivity is, the better.

I thought I would take a picture with such an image.

I went outside and took various pictures.

I wonder what.

It doesn’t work at all.

If you increase the shutter speed, the ISO sensitivity will increase without permission.

If you increase the aperture of the lens, the ISO sensitivity will increase without permission.

If you raise the ISO sensitivity, the photo is rough even if you check it on such a small screen.

These three settings are related and cannot be taken as a cousin.

Check this balance and release the shutter.

I tried various things while I was outside and erased the photos.

I really want to keep it, but I couldn’t do that because of memory.

Repeated shooting and erasing.

At that time, I arrived at an idea.

I like auto.

Yes, even if I compare the photos I have seen so far, the ones taken by auto were excellent.

Perhaps I could have mastered how to use it if I tried harder.

However, in my opinion, I may miss the photo opportunity while I am absorbed in the setting.

It was scary.

Let’s study this setting again.

Don’t think about difficult things, just take pictures without thinking about anything.

Take good pictures with this camera.

Isn’t that enough?

If the hobby of cameras continues, I think I will want to study again.

Until then, it’s okay.

to be continued.