Returned to reality NO.10

Returned to reality

Japan is in the middle of Golden Week now.

People outside the service industry are on long vacations.

Family services and lovers go out for leisure.

My Golden Week is at home.

There is nothing in particular.

I went to India and had no money, but I didn’t want to do anything special.

I was thinking about going to somewhere with my camera until a while ago, but I no longer feel like that.

I’m not tired, but I’m a little tired.

I haven’t been out on weekends so much so I think I was a little overpowered.

I won’t go anywhere this time.

But I went to see the cats near her house.

I like cats

They may be waiting for the food I bring.

If so, it doesn’t matter.

All I have to do is go and see them.

If everyone came out and showed a healthy appearance, I would be relieved and healed.

Some of you may hate animals, but if you can, look at the cats and dogs outside and give them a soft hand.

I probably fluff.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an outside cat.

I’m always fluffing them.

I don’t know what they think, but I’m happy then.

Even if you don’t bother going out somewhere, there is such a fun place.

Thank you.

If you drive a little, there are places like this.

It’s the best.

Of course I also take pictures.

Very cute.

Maybe the cat knows that she is cute.

I think so.

Everyone eats food and lies down.

There are 11 in all.

Maybe there’s more because I may have a family that I don’t know.

Everyone enters a large house in front of us.

The wife here seems to be feeding.

Occasionally I was saying hello.

I have also been given rice balls and croquettes.

However, what you receive is eaten by cats.

After all Japan was peaceful.

The world is not all peaceful, but here is peace.

I want to protect their peace.

When I’m always here for about two hours, the cats return home.

When all the cats return, I will also return.

I was repeating that kind of thing.

When I come here, I usually come with her.

Because we like unmatched cats.

If you look at a cat in the neighborhood, it will always react.

But I don’t do that because I’ll run away if I’m over reacting and I might run over by a car when I run away.

As with me, cats only look forward when they are running away.

I don’t look around.

It can’t be helped.

I want to take good care of cats.

Rather than wanting to value each life.

I myself don’t really think of living with being interfered by someone.

If you have something to interfere with other people, that’s just work.

I have nothing to say in my personal life.

I just want the cats to be happy.

to be continued.