It’s Golden Week now.

I’m sloppy in my room.

This time I decided so.

I haven’t gone anywhere with her either.

I’m taking a walk in the neighborhood to see a cat.

But that’s it.

I’m happy alone.

I think it’s important to have time to relax.

In me, the person who is myself has a big difference between on and off.

A person who really does nothing in the room.

Even though I live alone, I can hardly do cleaning or washing myself.

I go to the coin laundry once a week and do all the laundry at once.

I don’t do much cleaning, so it’s so dirty that people can live if others see it.

A girl I used to associate with me was doing it without my knowledge.

But I wasn’t happy about that.

You don’t know where your stuff went.

I’m really thankful for that, but as time goes by, troubles like “Where are you going?” Will occur.

I don’t like being dirty

I’m just fine.

I think that a clean room is a very good thing, but it’s kind of uncomfortable.

I’m not denying beauty.

However, if my room is dirty, there is no problem at all.

This is my own problem.

People in a dirty room can’t work.

Those who eat late cannot work.

Those who cannot keep time cannot work.

I fit all.

That kind of man.

I want to live while receiving such self.

However, from the perspective of foreigners, the Japanese seem to be the least time keeper in the world.

At first I didn’t understand what he was saying.

Isn’t a foreigner punctual?

What we Japanese say is mainly the meeting time.

However, if you ask a foreigner, it seems to include everything.

Most Japanese don’t keep the time to return.

I know I’m observing the coming time.

I wonder if anyone can push the time card on time after the work is done.

I have never seen it.

From 8am to 5pm.

It seems that foreigners will come to the street and return to the street if they decide to do so.

It’s a contract.

Even if I don’t keep time, I don’t have that idea.

The Japanese are diligent and earnestly listen to what the company and teachers say and do it.

Seen from foreign countries, it’s wonderful, but many people think that it is fun in such a life.

Apparently, doing what you think is what you are.

I may be close to that idea.

This is just my idea, but a person who works for a company may have his own place only in the company.

Perhaps the company, but not all, devotes most of its life to work.

I have applied to that as well, but I feel that it is okay to gradually change my way of life.

It’s my life so I think it’s best to do what you want.

I think this way of life is difficult as long as I’m in Japan.

Each style has its own style.

I think that there is my current lifestyle in which I spend myself.

That’s why my lifestyle today fits in Japan.

Because it’s Japanese.

I think it’s not wrong to feel a sense of incongruity there.

I think Japan will change from now on.

I myself would like to work on this job while maintaining my own personality without refusing to change.

I don’t know how long I can do it.

Let’s do it for now.

I was thinking that while fluffing the cat.

After all, cats are cute.

to be continued.