Notice NO.2


Golden Week is over.

The days when I felt cold became gradually cooler, and the number of warm days gradually increased.

Then, the humidity starts to come out and the rainy season begins.

That’s the case every year.

We really hate this time of the day.

The material will rust as soon as you get out of your way.

It’s hard to deliver rusty products to users.

The complaint goes to the counter, not us.

If it is a painted or plated product, there should be no problem.

However, some of the products we deliver to our customers are delivered without surface treatment, which is troublesome.

I really want to make a stock when I can.

However, if you do so, the inventory will rust and you will have to remove it again or, in the worst case, remake it.

Originally I was taught that there is no point in making inventory in the manufacturing industry.

I understand it somehow.

But I don’t think it’s all.

In my responsibility, I make inventory.

I would be angry if the administrator confirmed the waste of material, waste of place to stock, etc.

This is my judgment, so there is no point in getting angry.

Normally, you would do this after consulting or reporting to your boss.

I know that.

However, considering the reason for that and the submission of documents, it becomes troublesome and I do without saying anything.

I think it’s awkward for me to be a company within an organization.

The news series is not solid.

How easy would it be if all we really needed to do was manufacture?

Originally I like making things.

I don’t really like the management of things and people.

I finally understood from such a position.

But this is a job

I understand that I earn money for this job and live it.

If you decide that it is not suitable for you, you can retire.

It’s not what the company will look like when I’m the only one gone.

I think it’s dangerous for a company that goes crazy just because someone is gone.

If you don’t have that feeling, it will be a little strange.

There is a misunderstanding when it comes to comfort, but I feel that it will be difficult if I work while hunting myself down.

I think it is different from pursuing technology, and if human beings are strange as human beings, I think it is better to stop it.

Take care of yourself.

Even if something happens, the company doesn’t bother me and I can’t blame it.

You know yourself best, but sometimes you lose sight of yourself.

At that time, other people should be aware of it.

Whether you say it or not, everyone should think that something is wrong with him.

Therefore, communication within the company is important.

Talking inside the company is not just about work.

You can have conversations with each other.

I don’t think it’s a waste, but if it’s too long, I’ll wonder if it’ll be a little later.

There is also such a thing.

Various people live in the same company centered on work and act together with the same purpose.

There will be conflicts among them.

But I don’t think it’s good unless you live with respect to others.

There aren’t many reasons, but I think so.

If you do something bad, you will come back to yourself someday.

I’ve been living because I was taught that good things were the same.

I wondered if that was the case, but there was that in one corner of my head.

If you denied in yourself, you wouldn’t remember it for so long.

Probably what I’ve been told is right.

I don’t believe in it for a long time, but I wanted to live while respecting others.

to be continued.