Notice NO.3


It’s the rainy season.

Wherever I go, I sweat.

I said I hate the rainy season.

Certainly I hate it.

Various things get moist and have a bad smell.

Everyone in the room, in the car, and in the park with lots of vegetation smells the same.

Smell that can not be said.

The room would be hard without cleaning, and even in the car, it would smell right away unless you always have something like a Fabry’s.

When I go to work, I get in a car and smell.

When I get home after work, I get a smell again.

Does Southeast Asia always look like this?

In January of this year, I experienced something more stinky, but it’s something I can do, but I don’t have any trouble with it every year.

Although I have experienced this unique odor 34 times, I was wondering if this odor would continue in the future.

Especially when I started living alone, I started to be worried.

I don’t clean the room.

When I was cleaning, I had no footsteps, and when I felt it was bad, I was doing it all in one day.

I know it’s not really good.

It is better to do it little by little if you notice it.

I think that when cleaning.

But I can’t quite do it.

I know, but I can’t do it.

I wonder if that kind of person.

I was excited when I first lived alone.

“I always clean on weekends, cook every day, eat, wash, and finish the day.”

That wasn’t the case.

When I get back to my room

If you use too much data on your mobile phone, the charges will be too high, so you saved it and used it, and then you slept.

What is this life like?

Is this all right?

I’ve always thought about that.

If you make good use of that time, you should be better for yourself.

But I didn’t do that.

Humans are hard to change.

When will it change?

It depends on me.

I felt I could improve myself if I live alone.

I thought it would be a little better for me, and I wanted everyone to think it was good.

No one had ever thought of that.

When I think about it now, on the contrary, I feel that my bad parts have come out.

No, I feel like it continues to appear.

I originally knew that I was a bad person.

If you change your environment by living alone, you may change yourself.

that’s what I thought.

But it wasn’t that sweet.

I was forced into the reality that I could understand that I was a weak person.

That might have been good.

Let’s think it’s good that I understand myself even a little bit, rather than living forever thinking that I’m a human being.

Isn’t that good?

I understand my current situation.

What should I do from now on?

Please give me some time

I didn’t tell anyone.

No matter how much time I have.

But I’m already 34, so I have to do something.

Let’s think about it for the time being.

to be continued.