Notice No.4


It’s been raining these days.

It’s raining outside.

It’s raining on holidays.

It rains when I go to work.

Be careful when driving a car.

Pay attention to the water splashing from the road while walking.

I like walking in the rain, but since the prefecture I live in is a car society, water often splashes.

If it’s just a little splash, I won’t complain.

Some people may call the police with a slight bounce, but not so much.

On holidays, I purposely go to a crowded area and walk slowly.

The rain removes dust in the air, and I feel the air is clean.

This feels good again.

I want to go to the country if possible.

If there are weekends and holidays, I would like to go to a distant place, stay at an inn, and take a leisurely walk in the city.

Our company is always busy, so it’s hard to get a weekend break.

Even if there is one, I have something to do and one day is over.

I have a long vacation, but I can’t make an appointment in advance because I’m suddenly going to work on a holiday somewhere.

However, if you think carefully, it doesn’t change everything because you went to work one day. If that is the case, you should manage the schedule from the beginning, increase overtime, and take a long vacation.

However, in the current manufacturing industry, even if a lot of products are made at that time, the basic company style is that stock is not made.

I understand it well.

However, I think the cost will be higher if people go to work.

If you do not understand the movements of people and things, the profit of the company will decrease.

According to the opinion from the side of the manufacturing site, the labor cost is the highest, so I think that only that should be seen.

On the contrary, when I try to put out a few hands and move everything well, I feel that nothing goes wrong.

People are not as good as they think.

A person who thinks that he / she is excellent also has an excellent subordinate.

I think it would be quite good if the person instructing everything was moving, but I don’t think there is such a person.

However, in the world, people who give instructions are generally rated higher.

That kind of thing.

The person who gives the instruction is basically smart and rotates quickly.

I understand it well.

However, in my work, there is a place where knowledge is exchanged and I know more about it.

It’s a waste of time.

If you have a meeting or a meeting, you only have to discuss the agenda.

I’m still talking about it.

Why talk about irrelevant things and get excited about that story.

That is not the point of discussion, and even if you win and win there, nothing will remain.

Let’s say it’s good to be talking.

It’s a waste of time considering the time around us.

Returning time is exactly this.

I have experienced this wasted time many times.


It would have been better if I could move the machine even a little during this time.

Although it is a machine, it is not automatic.

There must be one person per machine.

Is it a machine?

The machine I have is fully automatic.

Well, let’s do this next.

I have something to say about this.

to be continued.