Notice NO.6



It’s a convenient way to easily do what a human can’t do with a single switch.

I like cars and other machines made by mankind.

I also like the machines used in the work I am currently involved in.

If you set it to some extent, the product is completed with one button.


I have been doing this work for about 15 years.

In the world, new ideas are being created one after another that change people’s lives.

Of course there are some that disappear.

My job is to bend the iron plate.

There is a drawing, enter the dimensions, and bend it as shown.

Depending on the material, the bending angle may change, making this a very difficult process.

Make it as per the drawing by the skill and experience of each person in charge.

From our perspective, I thought it was technology and experience.

It’s certainly difficult for those who do it.

Some people may wonder why it is so difficult for those who have not experienced this process.

It’s a bit of a maniac process.

However, people in other processes also need skills and experience.

I think that’s because I’m a field worker.

But I also want him to throw a stone there.

Machines are evolving.

Fully automated.

I want this to happen.

We would like to do all the processing with a single switch and make the factory as human-free as possible.

That’s my wish, but it really doesn’t.

The new machine is definitely more convenient than the previous one, but in the end people do the setup and prepare the materials.

There is not a good match between what the manufacturer wants to sell and what we want it to do.

I’m not the one who makes the decision to buy.

If I can decide, I will not buy it.

The reason is that the machines I have used up to now are sufficient.

Certainly productivity may increase.

However, it may not increase depending on the usage.

In other words, I think it depends on the user.

Of all the new products, there aren’t many that catch my eye.

The hurdle of the machine I’m drawing may be high.

If the manufacturer inserts this machine, the productivity will increase.

I will say such a thing.

But I don’t think so.

Not a revolutionary improvement, but a minor change.

I can’t deny that I can’t deny it because it’s a machine created with a lot of ideas and realized even a little.

However, we cannot deny that the manufacturing industry has received an order for a new machine purchase as a business complaint.

After the introduction of the machine, we invite the procurement staff of the other party to see the operation status of the machine and get the order.

Not all companies do this, but my company does that too.

Of course that alone won’t do the job.

We offer various suggestions for production to help customers in trouble.

What I don’t know is to study and I think that knowledge should be shared with everyone.

Such a company can survive in the future.

There may be some companies that do not accept any suggestions, but in this era it is important to be able to make good things for each other.

There are big changes in people’s lives.

I would like machine manufacturers to do that.

From now on, Japan will run out of manpower and will depend on foreign workers.

I think there are already such companies.

Before that happens, we have to make sure that the number of workers is small.

I don’t know when such a day will come, but I can see that our jobs will gradually disappear.

I will not survive unless I acquire other techniques and knowledge.

World technology is evolving.

I also have to evolve.

let’s study.

to be continued.