Notice NO.10


The factory is hot.

Everyone is sweating and working.

I don’t hate this heat.

I used to play baseball since I was a kid, so I used to play sports outside.

It was pretty tough, but inside the factory it was a lot smoother.

There are some feelings, but I think the heat in the closed room is a little harder.

I think it depends on the person, but for me the outside can stand it.

But if it’s been in the sun forever, that one is better.

I think it is completely different depending on the conditions, but it is completely different because the air moves or there is wind outside.

The work in the factory is doing the same thing with different products in front of the same machine as in the closed situation.

And there are some mistakes due to simple work.

Humans fail.

I know that.

Humans fail even if they know that they are experienced.

This is a fact that cannot be helped.

In the manufacturing industry, this is called Pocami.

The defect rate changes depending on how you can eliminate this, and it would be really wonderful if you could make a system that eliminates this pochamis.

As I went earlier, people make mistakes.

There were great men who said that failure was the mother of success, but the failure in this modern age is quite tough from the perspective of others.

I issue a bad report one by one and regret myself at that time.

The factory workers are stoic.

The stoic achievements are rarely seen and often not reflected in salaries.

It is obvious that you can do it perfectly, and you can see the high level of Japanese manufacturing.

I have made many mistakes.

Some times I was frustrated and failed intentionally.

A really bad person.

There is nothing wrong with working out with emotions.

I know that.

It is not good in terms of safety and mentality of workers to always be required to be perfect in the situation where this mistake cannot be made.

Originally I was perfectionist.

For myself and for people.

But sometimes I think I made a mistake.

After all, people make mistakes.

I’m not cute.

I’m not trying to be kind to people, but I think people who understand people’s feelings are larger as people.

I was wondering how human beings are just strict no matter what people think about them.

Sometimes I feel embarrassed.

As I am, people are originally weak.

There is no point in saying that you have failed.

Since it is a mistake at the company, we have to reflect on it and improve it.

It’s work, so it can’t be helped.

What I mean is that I will make a lot of mistakes.

I don’t know what to say first, but it definitely fails.

I wonder if the job of a position is to support it.

I think it’s better to just tell people that they have failed like this by giving advice or giving examples rather than getting angry with the dark clouds.

I think that is experience and knowledge.

Can I become a good leader from now on?

I don’t think it can be as it is now.

I’m not a leader, but I can’t help because I’m working.

If you manage the fact that simple work in the heat is harder than you think, I want you to understand.

You will understand it not only by experiencing it, but also by imagining it.

Workers are much harder than everyone thinks.

Certainly, their educational background may be inferior to those who are manipulating documents and numbers.

The incident is happening on the scene.

It is the site that makes things.

I don’t forget the people who make it and the people who manage it.

That’s it this time.

to be continued.