It will be summer vacation soon.

Working people are called OBON in Japanese holidays.

If it’s my usual summer vacation, I’ll be playing around at home.

That’s not bad either.

That was always the case.

This summer, I will go to Southeast Asia.

Travel overland from Vietnam to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat.

Then go to Thailand.

Japanese travel magazines and sites are at the top of the ruins that you should see at least once in your life.

It has a long history and it seems that various incidents have occurred.

There are many things happening in a closed country, albeit on land.

If it were an island country like Japan, it would not have been monitored by other countries in the past.

However, the country called Cambodia closed the border and a ruler called Pol Pot built a dictatorship.

Not all history has been studied.

Roughly, I was interested in Cambodia.

Moreover, it seems that there was a massacre 30 years ago.

It was when I was born and went to a nursery school.

Surprisingly I remember what happened at the nursery.

Friends at the time.

Having quarreled.

Teacher’s name, face.

I still remember.

I forget yesterday but remember such an old days.

I can’t believe that a ridiculous incident happened in Cambodia at such a small age.

What is happening now?

I’m interested.

As I said last time, I don’t know how to get there.

It was written that I went to this place and got on this bus, but I don’t understand.

You won’t know unless you go there.

If something happens, it might bother everyone, but I don’t think it’s good to put in too much information in advance.

I just want to do that.

The worst news might be that Japanese men are wondering about it, but if you think about all that, you can’t do anything.

I thought it was foolish to do what I wanted to do.

I have bought a book for the time being, so I can read it when I am in trouble.

I think it is important to have the experience of knowing for the first time when you go.

Anyway, unlike this time in India, I don’t think there will be people traveling with me this time.

I’m afraid I’ll be taken care of by other backpackers every time I go, so I want to decide on a destination and travel.

The young people I met in India looked bright to me.

I was walking forward long ago.

I think that I have come over there after overcoming various difficulties, and I have more experience than I am older.

I don’t think it’s a matter of English or other knowledge.

This time too, I will make time and travel, so I will take photos based on my freedom and try to reach the destination.

It must be a great experience for me.

Enjoy a different journey from India.

Unlike before, I feel like I was standing at the starting line.

Prepare your luggage and get ready to go.

I’m still worried, but I’m looking forward to it.

It’s almost summer vacation.

Let’s work hard to avoid injury and make a fulfilling life.

Only now may it be positive.

But you still have to live your own way.

to be continued.