Heat NO.4


Arriving at Narita Airport, I was a little relaxed.

The counter isn’t open yet.

I ate lightly so I am not hungry.

I kept watching the internet because there was free Wi-Fi at the airport.

People around me are looking at the smartphone all the time and looking down.

It’s a natural scene now, but at that time I felt strangely disgusting.

Why are they all looking down?

What should be reflected on such a small screen?

I was one of them, so it was easy to imagine.

I didn’t want to be one of those scenes, so I dared to put my smartphone in my pocket and look over and around.

Perhaps I was more strange to others.

I’m not as unique as people who don’t want to do the same things as people or who deny what everyone has and have something different.

I think it’s a good idea to bring out personality with such things.

I understand if my personality and behavior are different from those of other people, but I think that I have personality because I own it.

Homes, cars, clothes and smartphones. Do you need individuality there?

They don’t sell the same because they are needed.

If the original idea wasn’t unique, the same things would all be in the world.

Maybe my way of thinking is wrong.

But I didn’t admit it was anything other than what came from within me.

I’m not denying that kind of person, but I was togging only within myself.

A little man.

He is a small man no matter how old he is.

In a strange scene around, I wasted my time and started to look down.

Even if I wasn’t looking at my smartphone, I ended up looking down.

The information board says “Check in” and I went straight to the counter.

Many people have already lined up and it wasted time here as well.

Many people are coming to Narita Airport.

That should be it. It’s only summer vacation now.

I wish I could shift the schedule a little.

You must think so.

But that is not the case.

That’s what a job is.

After waiting for a while, it was my turn.

I was almost empty-handed with my backpack as checked baggage.

Even though I hung a small back from my neck, it became much easier.

I got two tickets and I went on.

I passed the immigration without problems and bought a drink at the convenience store and was relaxing in front of the gate.

This time is very wasteful.

I was watching a smartphone.

Forgetting that the people around me felt uncomfortable until a while ago, I was watching the smartphone firmly.

Some people are in line even though it’s not time yet.

I like everyone to line up.

I was thinking that way, but I just wanted to line up a little.

However, if you think carefully, the departure time does not change even if you get on the plane early here.

There is no baggage, and I think there is no problem even if I enter the end.

But when I look at it, I want to line up.

Is it just me?

No, everyone must be.

Is it because they are Japanese?

I did not understand it well, but I do not like lining up, but it may be a level that there is no resistance.

I have no resistance to line up.

But when you look at it, it’s funny.

I was thinking and looking.

The number of people lined up is increasing as the appearance time approaches.

However, the announcement of the gate open has not been heard.

For the time being, let’s line up if there is an announcement.

When I thought so, the announcement came.

In the front row, a person in charge checks the ticket and guides you to the cabin.

I also noticed it when I thought I would line up.

Everyone was already lined up, and from now on, it was only foreigners who were trying to line up.

After all, the Japanese have no difficulty in lining up.

Me and the other foreigners lined up behind me.

This is good.

I was in a line advancing slowly while telling myself that.

After checking the ticket, I got on the plane.

Almost everyone was seated when I got to my seat, making it a good child.

After a little calming, there was an announcement and the plane started moving.

I’m going to a place far unexpectedly.

It didn’t fly right away.

I couldn’t think that I would depart from a place like this where I could see the sea nearby, so I kept looking outside the window.

At this time, my seat was on the aisle side, so people on the window side would have been very uncomfortable.

I didn’t even notice that, I was watching it all the time.

There will also be an announcement and it is about to start.

The jet engine started to make a strong noise and ran on the runway at a great speed.

The plane that loaded us with that momentum flew.

I thought when I flew.

By the way, I remember going to Ho Chi Minh after going through Guangzhou once instead of going directly to Vietnam.

It’s troublesome.

Although I was about to travel, my tension fell.

to be continued.